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It’s Never Too Late To Follow Your Equine Dreams!

Today’s bit of equine inspiration comes from Lisa and her horse, Torrent, who were the winners of our September tack giveaway!

We always ask the humans who win our tack giveaways to tell us a little about themselves and their horses, and we found Torrent’s story especially touching.

Lisa and her sister had long harbored a love for horses since they were girls and several years ago, the two decided to start taking riding lessons together. Unfortunately, Lisa’s sister’s breast cancer returned just after they began and within six months she lost her battle. Lisa gave herself some time to heal but ultimately found herself looking for a horse of her own. torrent contest winner gypsy vanner

“When I saw Torrent’s picture, I had a feeling he might be the right horse for me. He was gorgeous, with a very kind eye,” she told us. “He was the only horse who stopped eating and came over, he looked at Denise—the breeder/owner, Roxanne—my friend, and then me—before coming up to me and placing his head on my chest. Denise said, ‘This is only the second time I’ve seen one of my horse’s pick his person like that.’

“That was it!! I know my sister was there in spirit that day, also giving her approval. Torrent is a sensitive, kind, funny, amazing horse.  I feel so privileged to be his ‘person.'”

Torrent’s full name is Feathered Gold Blue Torrent, and he is a 5-year-old Gypsy Vanner gelding. For Lisa, age 56, the takeaway from her journey with torrent is that it’s “never too late to follow your dreams.”

Torrent and Lisa will get a free Australian/barcoo-style bridle of their very own, which should allow Torrent’s bold facial features to shine through. Jealous of the rugged-yet-durable style of our fully adjustable Australian bridle? You’ve got a shot at getting your own in this month’s giveaway! Enter here.