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Curb straps — what are they for, anyway?

One of the best stocking stuffers on our website is probably our curb strap (just $8, by the way). But just what are these used for?

The curb strap runs underneath the horse’s chin between the shanks of a bit and is used to keep the bit steady in the mouth and help control use of the leverage action of the shanks.

Our friends at Motoring Down The Trails blog recently added a curb strap after switching bits and write that it was easy to adjust to their horse’s specific needs.

curb strap with halter bridle

Here, the curb strap is being used with our quick-change halter bridle

Read the complete review here.


Cool Blues That Are Waterproof!

We were pleased to team up once again with the Motoring Down The Trails blog for a product review. This time, Griffin reviewed our quick change halter bridle, which is a very popular item with trail and endurance riders because of its versatile nature.

Griffin opted for the ice-blue combination of teal and light blue for her tack set, and it looks fantastic.

motoring lt blue teal

PC: Motoring Down the Trail

As always, she was able to work with our shop to make sure her mount Prophecy got just the right proportions to fit his head shape.

I was able to adjust it well for his Myler Combo (though I need to remember to loosen the curb a little next time), and still have room to play.  Of course, best of all it looks great on him!  The beta is easy to trim up later if I choose, and can always poke more holes with a leather punch.

Read Griffin’s complete review and get a discount on a tack set like hers here.

Custom Tack Is A Big Hit

We customize each of our products for a customers by hardware, color, and style, but we can do other variations, too.

Kirrily over at The Other Horse blog is an endurance rider who wanted to find a way to make one of our bridles as light as possible for her horse. She asked us to do a halter bridle with no browband and in the narrowest possible width, and we were happy to construct something just for her.

“This bridle is lighter weight than previous halter bridles that I’ve owned.  The construction seems strong and solid without being bulky.  The stitching is all tight and uniform.  The stainless steel hardware and beta biothane are good quality and should last a really long time.”

The Other Horse

Check out her full review at The Other Horse

‘I didn’t have a bridle big enough for his head!’

We were psyched to get this note from Jackie and her horse, Mr. Big!

Mr. Big is actually a 16.3 hh Tennessee Walker, who’s retired from showing and becoming a great trail horse. I didn’t have any bridle big enough for his head! so I found you through a Google web search of “purple bridle.” I get a lot of compliments and some question the strength of this bridle, but so far it’s great. We run into a lot of mud right now and sweat just as much, and the reins and breaststrap get really dirty. It’s really easy to clean. I love this type of saddle blanket for the same reason, so easy to clean between uses. I’m really happy and of course, the color looks great on Mr Big!


‘I’m all about functionality, efficiency, and comfort’

We were happy to read this great review from Grace and Quest over on The Horseback Artist blog. Grace tried out our Quick Change Halter Bridle in a striking orange/purple combination, and she loved it!

Horseback artist

The majority of my riding is done out on the trails for hours at a time, so I’m all about functionality, efficiency, and comfort. The Quick Change Halter Bridle offers a lot of functionality since the halter and snap-on headstall can be used separately or together in a variety of configurations.

We were also interested to hear the beta biothane was gentle on Grace’s hands, which is great because she sometimes battles eczema and has found other rein materials can irritate her skin. Glad we could make the ride comfy for you and Quest!

Read the full review at The Horseback Artist

Win versatility with a free halter bridle!


It’s time for another tack giveaway, and just in time for the end of summer, we’re giving away a quick-change halter bridle!

The quick-change style allows you to go from trailer to trail in just a few seconds. It’s also kind of a three-in-one because you get a halter, Western headstall, and English bridle all in one. The version we’re giving away also comes with reflective Day-Glo to keep you and your horse visible and safe even in low light–important as the days get shorter.

The bridles with reflective overlays are just as durable and waterproof as our plain beta biothane pieces, and won’t fade or crack after exposure to sun, rain, or sweat.

The winner of our giveaway will get to choose the size of the bridle that works for their horse in a range from mini to draft. Like all our pieces, we can customize the size for tough-to-fit horses. See our sizing guide here.

Enter the contest here. Even if you don’t win, you’ll get $5 off your next order.

Meet Our Customers: If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

In our work with different breeds, we’ve seen some pretty amazing manes and forelocks … but we have to admit, when we got a look at Scout, we became sure hers takes the cake.


Scout shows off her new bridle

Meet Scout and her person, Laura, who are aspiring endurance riders who met us through Green Bean Endurance, which is an online community where current and aspiring endurance riders can meet and learn more about the sport. Scout, whose registered name is Katrina May, is a 15-year-old Morgan. Scout and Laura have only been together for a few months after finding each other on an online message board advertising Morgans for sale.

When it comes to that fabulous forelock, Laura says she’s always had an appreciation for fantastic hair, and when it comes to a ‘do like this one, she believes that ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it!’ And it would seem Scout agrees.

The pair are currently trail riding and Laura is hopeful that they will dabble in endurance riding, where she hopes the Morgan sturdiness and Scout’s small size will ben an asset. They’re still getting to know each other, so there are a lot of question marks about Scout’s greatest strengths and biggest challenges under saddle, but Laura said they did have a great “bonding moment” recently when Scout needed some medication.

“Well, I haven’t had too many moments – we are still bonding. And she is very independent. But she had a sinus infection recently and she put her head in my arms while she got a shot. It was a connection moment when she seemed to look to me for comfort and safety. It made me happy,” Laura told us.

Laura and Scout have been test driving our traditional halter bridle in eye-catching green and royal blue. Laura told us she likes the colors and appreciated how perfectly-sized the bridle was to Scout’s head, which has been a little hard to fit. The cob size ended up working best for Scout, but our tack makers can adjust any of our sizes (which range from mini horse to draft) to fit a particular horse if we have the horse’s breed, age, and size.

We also think the beta biothane will be a great option for Laura and Scout if and when they begin their endurance career–beta is a favorite among endurance riders since it’s both light and gentle on sensitive skin for long rides. Thinking about making a switch from leather? Order a free sample kit to see what you think.

Go From The Trailer To The Trail!

It’s a new month, which means it’s time for a new tack giveaway over on the Two Horse Tack website. In April, you’ll have the chance to win a single-color beta biothane halter bridle.

Springtime means more trail rides. Many trail riders, whether recreational riders or professionals, want tack that’s light, comfortable, and versatile for their explorations through field and stream. That’s why we designed our traditional halter bridle with snap-on bit hangers. You can switch from halter back at the trailer to bridle in just a few seconds. When you’re using the tack as a bridle, you still have an O-ring below the horse’s chin (as you would on a turnout halter), which means you can lead or tie without having to change gear.

1Like all our beta products, the traditional halter bridle comes in sizes mini horse to draft and in your choice of 14 colors. Don’t forget, you can also pick up a pair of matching (or contrasting) beta reins to go with our halter bridles.

Signing up for our giveaway is fast and free, and there’s no purchase necessary. Get your entry in today.

Congratulations, Bethany and T-Bird!

Our monthly tack giveaways are one of the most popular features on our Facebook page (which you should really follow, by the way). We’re pleased to announce that a horse named T-Bird and his human, Bethany, are the winner’s of last month’s contest for a two-color traditional halter bridle.

T-Bird struts his stuff

T-Bird struts his stuff

T-Bird is a 15-year-old Percheron/Quarter Horse cross and lives with Bethany in Las Vegas. We love paints, and T-Bird is especially flashy with his tall stockings.

He has brought me much joy over the last couple of years, and I hope to spend many more days watching this majestic animal,” Bethany told us via email.

We hope T-Bird and Bethany enjoy their new traditional halter bridle. As draft cross fans ourselves, we know that horses like him can be tough to fit. That’s why we offer all our tack in your choice of seven different sizes, including Warmblood and Draft for bigger fellas like T-Bird. If you’re concerned that your horse falls between sizes, leave us some info about the horse’s age, breed, height and weight in the order notes section at checkout and we’ll modify the order to your horse’s needs. Our experienced tack makers have seen just about everything and know how to modify an order to work for your horse.

What are you waiting for? Begin creating your custom tack creation today!

It’s time for a new giveaway!

Halter bridle with bit hangersAll right, free tack fiends–we’ve got another one for you. If you haven’t already seen it, our June tack giveaway is for a traditional halter bridle with bit hangers, a very popular item this time of year.

The traditional style halter bridle is made from 3/4-inch beta biothane, and our two-color option comes with 1/2-inch biothane overlay. All you have to do to make the switch from a halter by the trailer or in the barn is snap the bit hangers onto the cheekpieces of the halter and (if you so desire) snap on the browband. That’s it! You’re ready to explore.

Each of our bridles comes in a variety of sizes to fit your horse’s needs, and can be customized for special breeds or unusual fits.

All you have to do to enter is fill out the contact form here and you’ll be in the pool to win. Even if you don’t win, we’ll send you a $10 coupon, good for any item on the site, just for entering. There’s really no way to lose here.

Watch our Facebook page to find out if you’re the winner! Happy trails!