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Two buckles for maximum adjustability

The Equestrian Journey blog recently reviewed our Buckle Nose Safety Halter, which is a great option for green horses or first-time horse folks. It also gives an extra spot to adjust for perfect fit!


“I LOVE how adjustable this halter is!  It has the buckle on the nose obviously, but it also has the throatlatch clip and buckles on both sides of the crownpiece. It is the most adjustable halter I’ve ever used.  I was pleasantly surprised that it has the throatlatch clip because that is a required feature in all of my halters.”

Read the complete review here.

The ‘real man’s hot pink’

Two Horse Tack was psyched to get this note from Brianna about our mini horse-sized halters:

 I just wanted to thank you for making the perfect fit custom halter for my miniature! I have ordered several halters from you and they have all been wonderful! I refuse to buy any other halter after discovering yours!

Brianna also included a photo of her mini horse, who, as she says, “is working the real man’s hot pink!” Isn’t he handsome?


Happy Saturday: Free Tack!

In case you weren’t already excited about the weekend, we’ve got a new kind of tack giveaway for you!

11411_623989707732615_8733525857844325945_nWe just launched our first Facebook giveaway for a custom beta biothane English bridle (pictured). All you have to do is like our Facebook page, share the photo, and leave a comment. We’ll randomly select a winner Friday, April 10. It couldn’t be simpler!

Don’t forget, we also run tack giveaways through our online shop, as well. This month, we’re giving away a custom turnout halter with bling–never lose a plain old brown halter in the springtime mud again with our bright colors and glitzy bling options. Even if you don’t win our website tack giveaway, you’ll get a $10 coupon just for filling out the entry form (this does not apply to the Facebook giveaway).

British Invasion: Buckle Nose Halters

Whether out on the trail or tacking up for a cross country round, most of us have been in a situation where we’re switching from a haltered horse to a bridled horse. There’s that somewhat terrifying moment where you put the reins over his head, unbuckle the halter, and wham–he’s standing there, in a 100-acre state park, with nothing more than a set of reins between him and a gallop at liberty. buckle nose halter

Although most halters in the U.S. are pretty standard in their structure, European halters have a bit of variability that we appreciate. The buckle nose halter is very popular over there, often because of its aesthetics, but we like it because of the added safety feature–by unbuckling just the noseband of the halter, you can get the bit in your horse’s mouth without removing the whole halter from his head. No more heart-pounding moments of scrambling to get everything in place before he discovers his new-found freedom!

We’ve also found buckle nose halters are great for beginners who are still learning to take bridles on and off–or even for green horses who are learning the same.

It can be tricky to find buckle-nose halters here in the States, and even trickier to find one made of maintenance-free beta biothane. Our online shop carries this style in both leather and beta, for a reasonable $35. Give buckle nose a try today!

Are You Behind the Bit Yet?

You’ve heard us tout our fantastic dressage friends over at the Behind the Bit blog before, but here’s a new reason to love and read them religiously. Hint: it might involve one of our fantastic turnout halters, so if your dressage mount is a little less than graceful in the field, this is your time to pick up a spare!

Calling all dressage folks…

We know we’ve got some dressage folks among our customer and reader base. We wanted to point you to an awesome blog for product reviews, dressage news, and training/management tips: the Behind the Bit blog.

Best of all, you can read her product reviews with complete confidence, since author Stacey Kimmel-Smith uses all the products and cannot be paid for her opinion. Just to toot our own horn a little, we were thrilled that Stacey loved our beta biothane halters. Check out her review here and word to the wise: keep an eye out for exclusive tack giveaways on Behind the Bit!

Congratulations to Raven!

Congratulations to Raven, the winner of our most recent tack giveaway for a grooming halter!

winterravenRaven is a 9-year-old Arab mare who has lived with her person Patti for two years. Patti and Raven enjoy trail riding and gymkhana events (including barrels and poles). Raven’s favorite thing is cantering–she thinks it’s even better than treats! Patti and Raven are still working through Raven’s fear of putting her toes in water on the trail. Other than wanting to keep her pedicure intact, Raven is very brave on the trails. She loves being the center of attention so it’s only fitting that she’ll soon get to model her custom halter.

Is your horse a bit of a diva? Get her (or him) a custom halter of their own for those upcoming spring grooming sessions here.

A new kind of tack giveaway

Love our monthly tack giveawaysHalter bridle with bit hangers? We’ve just made them a little sweeter.

Our shop has so many different color combinations of each item, and we want to help customers experience all of them. From now on, we’ll feature one of the varieties of the item up for giveaway–this week, it’s a traditional halter bridle in a two-color combination variety. Any two colors you want! There are dozens of possible options. Explore them! 

Also, we know that sometimes you fall in love with a giveaway item and you’d rather not wait to see if you win it. We totally understand! That’s why we’re offering $10 off the giveaway item in our shop for the duration of the giveaway. 

Meet our breeds: Urzela W and Sjouckje Van De Elsenerhof the Friesians

We continue our Meet our Breeds series with two equine models who look like they belong in shampoo ads. Meet Urzela W and Sjouckje Van De Elsenerhof, the Friesians!

Urzela W

Urzela W

The Friesian breed is known for its black color, light draft build, silky mane, tail, and feathers, Spanish style conformation, and its nimble movements. The average Friesian stands between 14.2 and 17 hands tall.

It was originally dubbed “Frisian” but the ‘e’ was added to distinguish the horses from the Holstein Friesian cattle. The breed was developed in Friesland, Netherlands and was a favorite for use in war in the Middle Ages throughout Europe since their size enabled them to carry a knight in full armor while still moving quickly. Friesians were being imported into the United States as soon as 1625 with the Dutch and later gave rise to the Morgan breed here.

The breed’s studbook was founded in the 1879 and since the breed has nearly become extinct several times, although it is coming back into popularity for driving and dressage. It has also been a favorite for circus work.

Sjouckje Van De Elsenerhof

Sjouckje Van De Elsenerhof

Their flashy appearance has made Friesians extremely popular in film. They have been featured in Ladyhawke, The Mask of Zorro, Eragon, Alexander, The Chronicles of Narnia, Clash of the Titans, and Conan the Barbarian.

Read more about the history of the Friesians here.

Both of our models posed for us courtesy of Leandra Friesians,

Sjouckje with filly

Sjouckje with one of her fillies

where they are broodmares. Urzela W joined the Leandra band in 2011 and has eight total foals on the ground. Sjouckje Van De Elsenerhof was imported from the Netherlands in 2009 and is known for her excellent movement and affectionate nature.

It’s grooming season!

The weather is staring to turn (hopefully) and with spring rains comes spring mud. Sounds like it’s the perfect time to pick up a grooming halter!

This month’s tack giveaway is for a beta biothane grooming halter, 199-aquawhich has all the durability of our turnout halters with the cheek and chin pieces removed, allowing you to more easily use a curry or brush to get that stubborn mud off. It’s also great if you need to clip your horse’s face and would rather not hold the halter out of the way while juggling the clippers.

If your horse also needs a quick bath while wearing our grooming halter, it’s no problem–our beta tack is waterproof and crack-proof and comes with no-rust stainless steel hardware (brass also available). As you can see, you can get any color you’d like, and bling options are also available!

Get a $5 gift card just for entering the contest