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We’ll help you get a grip…on your reins.

“Without question, the super grip is my favorite part of these reins. With and without gloves in dry and wet conditions, it lives up to it’s namesake and provides superior grip. When you’ve got a horse like Q who tends to lean into the bridle and go heavily on the forehand as her first and most favorite evasion, having a secure grip is critical!”

yellow reins 1 (Large)

Everyone loves our super grip reins — the perfect mix of color and safety.

Liz Stout at the In Omnia Paratus blog recently reviewed our reins with super grip overlay. Check out the rest of her thoughts here.

Two buckles for maximum adjustability

The Equestrian Journey blog recently reviewed our Buckle Nose Safety Halter, which is a great option for green horses or first-time horse folks. It also gives an extra spot to adjust for perfect fit!


“I LOVE how adjustable this halter is!  It has the buckle on the nose obviously, but it also has the throatlatch clip and buckles on both sides of the crownpiece. It is the most adjustable halter I’ve ever used.  I was pleasantly surprised that it has the throatlatch clip because that is a required feature in all of my halters.”

Read the complete review here.

Who doesn’t love a mini foal?

Nicole over at the blog Equinpilot has teamed up with Two Horse Tack for a really cool giveaway. A foal by her stallion Roscoe is expected in the next few weeks, and Nicole is running a pool to see who can guess the baby’s arrival date and gender! Winner gets their choice of a custom Two Horse Tack bridle/halter/reins/stirrup leathers. How cool is that?

That is going to be one adorable baby!


Roscoe, Nicole’s stallion

Check it out at Equinpilot

Congratulations to Theresa and Breezy!

As we’ve continued our fantastic relationship with the Endurance Granny Blog, we offer giveaways exclusive to their readership from time to time. That’s why we’re pleased to congratulate Theresa and Breezy for their win of the October contest for a Western breastcollar!

Theresa and Breezy contest winnersBreezy, age 16, was a broodmare for six years before Teresa purchased her and decided to give endurance riding a try.

“Now she has a new job and loves it!” Theresa told us.

Theresa and Breezy’s first endurance ride together will be the Gold Rush Shuffle on November 29.

It’s great to hear about horses who can switch vocations at the drop of a hat–especially when they have to wait for us humans to catch up. A lot of our customers are adult amateur riders just like Theresa, and we try to make their lives as fuss-free as possible by providing quality tack at a reasonable price and without the fuss of upkeep that you face with traditional leather.

Happy trails, Theresa and Breezy! We’ll be thinking about you on November 29 (and hoping that the area hosting your ride is nice and warm that time of year).

Don’t forget to check back to the Endurance Granny blog for more insight into the world of endurance riding, and keep your eyes peeled for the occasional exclusive giveaway.

Product Review from Trail Horse Adventures

We were psyched to read a recent review of one of our turnout halters from the Trail Horse Adventures blog, written by Judi Daly (with help from her horse Cole). Cole and Judi ordered a bling turnout halter from our website as part of an offer to review our products. We didn’t tell our tackmakers that Judi was a reviewer, so she got the same treatment as any other customer, and we were proud to read that she was impressed at how quickly Cole’s halter got to her door (just about a week) despite being custom-sized and in her choice of color.

Cole in halter

Turns out, one of Judi’s friends had already ordered from us before, and Judi mentioned in her review that her trail buddy really loved our stirrup leathers. We offer a custom option for holes to come in half-sizes so you can adjust your stirrups to just the right height.

If you’re a trail rider yourself, we highly recommend Judi’s blog. Judi is the author of two books: “Trail Training for the Horse and Rider” and “Trail Adventures and Advice” that may be of interest to you as well. We especially loved her post about the process of clicker-training Cole, having dabbled in the practice a bit ourselves.

If you’re a blogger yourself and would like to review one of our products for free, please let us know! The easiest way to do this by sending a private message to our company’s Facebook page.

Summer Reading List: Tales of a Newbie

We all remember when we were first starting out in the saddle or at the end of a set of driving reins. Many of us have been doing it our whole lives, but there’s a growing community of “re-riders” out there who rode as children, quit for awhile, and are getting back into horses as adults.

The Bit By Bit blog is about one such rider, Laura, who at age 39, has been back into taking lessons for the last three years. Laura said the process is a little tough to take, since you’re usually surrounded by younger students or instructors who have as much or more experience. We salute re-riders like Laura, and encourage you to follow her blog, where she anthologizes her horsemanship journey, and offers practical tips. Most recently, we enjoyed her entry on post-fall rituals (a medicinal cheeseburger is a must), and how to treat the bumps and bruises that come along with a tumble.

Your turn: what equine blogs are on your summer reading list?

Summer Reading List: We Heart Halfies!

Here’s another item from our reading list: Adventures with Shyloh. Allison documents her journey with her 7-year-old Halflinger mare, Shyloh. It’s so cool to watch how a horse’s personality expands as their training expands, and Allison has done a fantastic job of illustrating the way their relationship has changed.

Allison and Shyloh recently took one of our halter bridles for a test drive. Allison, Shyloh, and Allison’s kids loved the feel of the bridle, and the easy grip of the reins. Shyloh can be difficult to fit, but Allison found that our range of sizing options made it easier to pick a choice that would work for her. Not only did their bridle fit perfectly, Allison is excited to use it when they begin trial riding.

Be sure to add Allison and Shyloh to your summer reading list!

Every rider has a journey

We’ve found that our products are popular with riders who are out in all types of weather, and who ride over all types of terrain. That’s why eventers love beta biothane–it’s fade-proof and crack-proof, no matter how many hours it spends in the sun or in the water.

We recently read a product review of one of our bridles and one of our breastcollars by the blogger who writes under the Equine Snob handle over at My Equine Odyssey blog. ES was surprised to find that of the two pieces, her favorite was the breastcollar. Our breastcollars have buckles on both shoulders, in addition to the girth loop, making them totally adjustable. Fancy Pony, ES’ mount, is a little narrow-chested and they found it particularly helpful that they could shorten the shoulder pieces to fit. Interestingly, she put a running martingale attachment onto the breastcollar to correct a training issue,and it worked very well for them.blogger-image--2098496509

We love following our customers’ journeys in the saddle. If you do too, check out My Equine Odyssey.

All-Natural Health for Horses…and a Giveaway!

We love doing things the holistic, natural way with our horses whenever we can. That’s why we were thrilled to discover Casie Bazay and her blog, The Naturally Healthy Horse. Casie is a fantastic resource for everything from accupressure to barefoot trimming to home remedies for basic veterinary issues.

We were especially interested in her post on natural remedies for horses prone to gastric ulcers, since we have encountered a few ulcery types in our time.

We also loved her recent post on accupressure points which can be beneficial for a horse after a long ride. Casie outlines the proper way to use the Lung 1, Large Intestine 4, Bai Hui, and Bladder 60 points, and we can’t wait to try them out for ourselves.

blue-breast-collarTwo Horse Tack is happy to partner with Casie and The Naturally Healthy Horse to offer a tack giveaway only to her readers. Choose a breastcollar in any of the various color options–solid, two-color, bling, or camo. Visit The Naturally Healthy Horse to enter the contest!