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Motoring Down The Trails…with Two Horse Tack

review image

There is no end to the color combinations customers can choose with our overlay and base color options. We’ve always thought Griffin’s choice to do the light blue overlay on a teal base was one of the most dimensional we’ve seen.

Griffin has a complete set of Two Horse Tack for her endurance mount, Prophecy, including halter bridle, breastcollar, reins, and crupper.

See what Griffin thought of her complete Two Horse set at her Motoring Down The Trails blog.

Curb straps — what are they for, anyway?

One of the best stocking stuffers on our website is probably our curb strap (just $8, by the way). But just what are these used for?

The curb strap runs underneath the horse’s chin between the shanks of a bit and is used to keep the bit steady in the mouth and help control use of the leverage action of the shanks.

Our friends at Motoring Down The Trails blog recently added a curb strap after switching bits and write that it was easy to adjust to their horse’s specific needs.

curb strap with halter bridle

Here, the curb strap is being used with our quick-change halter bridle

Read the complete review here.


Cool Blues That Are Waterproof!

We were pleased to team up once again with the Motoring Down The Trails blog for a product review. This time, Griffin reviewed our quick change halter bridle, which is a very popular item with trail and endurance riders because of its versatile nature.

Griffin opted for the ice-blue combination of teal and light blue for her tack set, and it looks fantastic.

motoring lt blue teal

PC: Motoring Down the Trail

As always, she was able to work with our shop to make sure her mount Prophecy got just the right proportions to fit his head shape.

I was able to adjust it well for his Myler Combo (though I need to remember to loosen the curb a little next time), and still have room to play.  Of course, best of all it looks great on him!  The beta is easy to trim up later if I choose, and can always poke more holes with a leather punch.

Read Griffin’s complete review and get a discount on a tack set like hers here.