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More from the choosy champion Magic

We posted a few months back about Magic, top obedience show dog, who uses our Two Horse Tack dog collars and leashes in his training. We were happy to recently get a photo of her modeling our equipment with pride, along with a note from her person, Pat:
IMG_2187Magic is seven years old, and my second Australian Shepherd teammate for AKC, UKC, and the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) Obedience and Rally.   She is also my teaching partner for many rookie Obedience and Rally classes.  She has her own opinion of how things should be, which occasionally puts us at loggerheads in the ring, and I can never quite know if Dr. Jekyll, or Ms. Hyde, will appear when her leash is removed on the start line!  
For all the times she frustrates me, she equally makes me laugh at how serious I take competitive dog sports – after all, she’s a dog, not a toaster!  So far, she and I have earned 37 separate titles in competition – seven of which she was the first dog ever to earn.  She’s earned three separate Invitations for the yearly ASCA National Obedience Finals in Open Obedience, actually claiming the National Championship at Bryan, TX in 2013.  
The lovely trophy included a beautiful hand-tooled leather leash, complete with Texas Stars….but unfortunately, I have  a contact allergy to leather.  When I saw the photos on line of a collar for a smaller dog featuring Texas Stars, I ordered one for Magic, in lovely Texas bluebonnet blue – to commemorate her National Championship.  As she has the typically full Aussie coat, you’d never see the collar (she’s wearing her purple collar that matches the 4ft leash in the picture).  Magic swims in both collars, works livestock in these collars, prances about the neighborhood in these collars, and because they are both beautiful and durable, they are the collars we have chosen to bear her ID tags when traveling across country for shows, or family trips.”
We’re so glad we can help such an accomplished pair stay in training!
Love Magic’s gear? Get your dog his or her own set here.

Meet the dog who chooses his collar

Although most of our business at Two Horse Tack is, as the name implies, for horses, we’re happy to outfit dogs, too. After all, most of the horsey folks we know also have a pup or two “helping coach” them through lessons or “scouting the terrain” during trail rides.

We didn’t just want to add on a line of dog products as an afterthought, though–we wanted to make collars and leashes that would actually solve problems for dog owners. Happily, the qualities that make beta biothane a great material for tack (it’s fade-proof and water-proof) make it awesome for dogs. Beta is gentle on skin and doesn’t hold onto smell or bacteria the way other materials can.

Recently, Patricia dropped us a note to tell us that not only does she like our collars and leashes, her Australian Shepherd prefers them, too:

texas conchos dog collar“It’s her favorite collar – when presenting her collars in the basket by the door we use for walks, she will intentionally search for it, and indicate her selection by picking it up in her mouth!

Two years ago,when she competed at our National Obedience Finals in Waco, Texas, she WON the championship in her division, which came with an embroidered chair and pretty hand tooled leather leash. Unfortunately for me, I’m allergic to the chemicals in the leather (my hands break out like I’ve been handling poison ivy!) – so we can’t really use that pretty trophy leash. Seeing the Texas Concho collar gave me a wonderful idea for a new way to celebrate my own dog’s National Championship, without having to risk touching leather – using the color that best matches her big rosette, AND those Texas star conchos we saw EVERYPLACE during the event.”

Thanks for writing, Patricia! We’re glad your Champion loves Two Horse collars as much as we do.