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Congratulations to Kelsey and Lynx!

Congratulations to Kelsey and Lynx, who won our June tack giveaway for a set of beta biothane stirrup leathers!

We asked Kelsey to tell us a little about her and her horse…

“My name is Kelsey, I’m an elementary music teacher, and my horse’s name is Lynx. He is an 8-year-old Quarter Horse. We enjoy trail riding around the area where we live. Also we love y’all’s halter-bridle! He has had one for several years and it has held up wonderfully!”


Our July tack giveaway is now live. This month, we’re giving away a black English style neoprene saddle pad. This Trooper-style pad is no-slip and no-fuss, just like our tack! Just rinse with water to clean.

Enter our tack giveaway at this link, and get a $5 gift card code just for entering. 

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‘I didn’t have a bridle big enough for his head!’

We were psyched to get this note from Jackie and her horse, Mr. Big!

Mr. Big is actually a 16.3 hh Tennessee Walker, who’s retired from showing and becoming a great trail horse. I didn’t have any bridle big enough for his head! so I found you through a Google web search of “purple bridle.” I get a lot of compliments and some question the strength of this bridle, but so far it’s great. We run into a lot of mud right now and sweat just as much, and the reins and breaststrap get really dirty. It’s really easy to clean. I love this type of saddle blanket for the same reason, so easy to clean between uses. I’m really happy and of course, the color looks great on Mr Big!


New Product Alert: No-Slip, Easy-Clean Saddle Pads

We feel like when it comes to tack, our online shop has an awful lot of the things you need in your tack room (minus saddles)–halters, stirrup leathers, lead shanks, bridles, we’ve got ’em, and in so many hues you could make a rainbow out of them. The one thing we haven’t had before was a really good, durable, easy-clean saddle pad.

That is, until now.

213We’re pleased to announce that we have begun carrying Equitech neoprene saddle pads, both Western and English. This is Equitech’s waffle board style pads, which are breathable to keep your horse cool even during a long ride. We’d searched high and low for a pad that would keep saddles in place without breaking the bank, and when we tried the Equitech pads we liked them (and their price) so much, we decided we needed them in our shop.

Neoprene, like beta biothane, is water-proof, so you just need to hose it down after a ride to get it clean and germ-free. If you have a horse who sweats a lot in the summer, you’ll know what a blessing it is not to have to cart a bag of horse laundry home, untangle all the velcro straps, and scrape horse hair out of your washing machine…usually after your pad has shrunk in the wash and still has faint sweat stains on the bottom of it. Save yourself the drama! Try a neoprene pad.

English trooper pad

English trooper pad

The English pads come in black and brown currently, and also shaped to fit trooper, treeless, and tucker style saddles. Western pads come in black, brown, pink, lime green, teal, orange, purple, and yellow.