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New Product Alert: Jumping Breastcollar

Attention eventers, jumpers, and foxhunters: we’ve got a new product in our shop for you!

Our new jumping breastcollar gives you the security and safety of a regular breastcollar while allowing for freedom of movement through the shoulders. (If you aren’t familiar with the safety benefits of a breastcollar, check out this post from our archives.)

jumping breastcollar yellow

The jumping breastcollar runs over the top of the neck and attaches at the saddle billets. That neck strap gives you something to grab onto if your horse decides to perform an unscheduled “gravity check.”

green jumping breastcollar

Fully adjustable at the shoulder and billets, this breastcollar is available in your choice of colors: black, white, brown, light blue, dark blue, hunter green, lime green, purple, yellow, orange, red, wine, turquoise, and pink.

Click here to learn more and order now.

New Product Alert: We’re ready for the racetrack!

In case you haven’t heard, Two Horse Tack is now ready for the racetrack. We’re based in central Kentucky, where horse racing is a big part of the local scene, and had long noticed that most horses on the track were wearing either nylon or leather bridles and breastcollars in a rainbow of colors. We’ve been thinking for years that beta biothane would combine the best of both worlds for racing horsemen.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that we now offer beta biothane bridles for Thoroughbred, Standardbred, Quarter Horse and Arabian racehorses. Like nylon, beta biothane is stronger than leather and resists molding and fading. Like leather, it’s soft and pliable against horses’ skin. A quick scrub with a soapy sponge and a trip under the hose is all it takes to clean a beta biothane racing bridle, which saves times for grooms and stable staff after a workout.

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 12.15.54 AM.png

Our racing bridles are available for Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds, Quarter Horses, and Arabians and include in-between sizes for hard-to-fit horses.

Also, we offer our bridles in your choice of two-color combinations, so no matter what your barn’s colors are, we’ve got options to match.

Order your racing bridle today.


New Product Alert: One-Piece Breastcollar

We’re constantly adding new items to our shop per customer requests. That’s why we’re happy to bring you a new, simpler type of breast collar.

This one-piece breast collar (we’re calling it a “strap”) is a favorite among riders of gaited horses because it doesn’t interfere with the horse’s action. Instead of stabilizing the saddle with a strap running between the horse’s front legs to the girth, the breast strap buckles onto the D-rings or girth billet on either side of the saddle, and works extremely well to keep the saddle in place through a long ride.

One-piece breast strapBuckle ends are standard with this piece, but snaps are optional, too. Either type of strap end is adjustable, allowing you to set the tightness of the strap’s hold against the horse.

The breast strap is available in all 12 of our dazzling beta biothane colors.

Of course, the horse’s neck and chest get sweaty during a long ride in the summer, which is why it’s so convenient to use beta biothane for breastcollars and straps–it just takes a quick trip through a bucket of soap and water to remove sweat and dirt from this super-strong material. What could be simpler?

What’s That? Explaining Hobbles

We’ve recently added a new item to our shop, but at first glance it’s hard to imagine what they might be used for.

206Hobbles have had several different uses since their origin in Ancient Egypt. The two loops of material (people have used metal, braided rope, and leather over the years) link a horse’s ankles together with some slack in between, limiting the animal’s range of motion. Some trail riders use these to allow horses or donkeys to free graze during a rest while preventing them from straying too far or too quickly. Some Western riders also use hobbles to desensitize horses to the feeling of equipment brushing around their ankles.

A different, more heavily-padded type of hobble is used in breeding sheds to keep mares from kicking valuable stallions.

These beta biothane hobbles are smooth on the surface but strong, making them a great option for keeping the tool in place without friction on the horses’ skin.

Pick up your own pair of hobbles here.

New Product Alert!

G’day, pony! We’ve got a few new products here at Two Horse Tack that we think you and your horses will love!

blue 6We’ve recently introduced the Australian barcco bridle to our line-up. If your horse needs a sturdy bridle for work or competition without the noseband, consider the Aussie Barcoo Outrider bridle. The rugged yet elegant design lets the beauty of your horse’s head shine through while giving you all the control you need. We offer the barcco bridle in leather or beta biothane, in a range of sizes and color options.

Also new to our line-up is the bitless sidepull–the best of two worlds! This bridle gives you all the freedom and control of a bitless bridle, together with the comfort of a sidepull. This must-have bridle includes a noseband and a jaw strap 108_3_ (1)to provide stability and keep the cheekpiece away from the horse’s eyes. Rein rings are sewn into the noseband and triple stitched for extra security. The standard width is ¾-inch. The bitless sidepull is hand-stitched with white thread (black available at no cost on request) for a refined look. Come rain or shine, our stainless steel hardware is guaranteed not to rust (brass available on request). Available in beta biothane or leather, in a variety of sizes.