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Congratulations to Raffie!

Congratulations to Raffie, the winner of our latest tack giveaway! Raffie

We love hearing from our fans and customers, and learning all about their horses. Raffie, aka Raffle Ticket, is a 12-year-old off-the-track Standardbred who lives with Sunshine Horses, a New York-based rescue for former trotters and pacers alike. Raffie won the giveaway thanks to Hannah, who works with Raffie and others at Sunshine to find their second careers and forever homes.

Although she’s a dressage rider herself, Hannah teaches¬†the Standardbreds to go under tack and then dabbles in different disciplines to help them decide what they want to do in the next phase of their lives.

Raffle Ticket is still looking for his new person. Could that be you? Learn more about him here.

Raffie will be getting one of our split ear Western bridlesRaffle Ticket, which lets a horse’s facial structure shine through. Our bridles are hand stitched for depth and constructed from super strength beta biothane, which is virtually maintenance-free. Our September tack giveaway is for a buckle nose halter. Enter here.