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Halters that are hang-on-the-fence tough

No one likes ordering a red halter, only to see it eventually fade to pink. That’s why we make a point of advertising that beta biothane is fadeproof, an we were happy to hear Stephanie at the Hand Gallop blog had noticed that about the turnout halter she reviewed.

“I’ve been using the halter on Candy for about a month, and it couldn’t be better. It hangs outside on the fence all day while she’s turned out in the front pasture and the color is just as bright as it was straight out of the box.”


Candy looks great in our blue turnout halter!

Read her full review at Hand Gallop

You can get your own turnout halter for just $30 and have it at your door in 5-7 days! Order here.


Shop for your horse while helping others

Susan and her OTTB (off-track Thoroughbred), Knight, recently reviewed our buckle nose halter over on their blog, Saddle Seeks Horse. Susan told us she loves the durability and easy-clean care of their new buckle nose halter, but most of all she appreciates that we have a special section of our shop dedicated to selling items from photo shoots for the benefit of local horse rescues.


Susan and Knight

“Do you wish your tack and dog gear were machine washable with flashy custom colors, and supported Thoroughbred aftercare charities? Well, thanks to Two Horse Tack in Lexington, Kentucky and the properties of Beta Biothane you can enjoy halters, bridles, reins, dog collars, leashes and more in brilliant hues that require minimal care and help out adoptable horses.”

Check out her full review (plus a coupon code!) here.

OTTB Proud: Meet Our Ambassadors

We love hearing about off-track Thoroughbreds enjoying their new careers, so of course we’re proud to welcome Camile and her OTTB Gentry into our new ambassador program! Camile met Whitehouse Ridge, aka “Gentry” after exercising him for a friend and now shows the 11-year-old in hunter/jumper and dressage.

Camile and Gentry recently got one of our quick change halter bridles to make it easier for them to switch from one part of their training day to the next.


Q: I remember you said you exercised Gentry for a friend before buying him; what was it about him that made you decide you wanted to work with him yourself?
This first time I had actually met Gentry was on a “field trip” with our 4H team. It was my first year judging and we had traveled out to my current friends place to set up a couple of classes. He was skinny, ugly looking thing that she had been giving time to recoop from his past life. At the time I had no interest in him. It wasn’t until another 2 YEARS later that I went out and visited their place again, this time helping Leeanne’s step daughter (my team captain) with grooming  the ponies. The night before I had found G’s sale ad and fell in love with his movement. (I actually didn’t even know it was the same horse.) This happened to be  the day that somebody was coming and looking at him for  their kid and Leeanne had me work him a little after they left. Fortunately for me, they didn’t like his big movement and declined the sale offer. Later that week, I received a call from her asking if I would like to work him for her, until he sold, for a limited pay. I started working him, with my parents telling me that we weren’t buying the horse, and all of us starting falling for him. He was just so sweet, with his big brown eyes and cowlick of a mane and he always seemed to know what to do even though he was  green. He was so forgiving if you messed up. Before we moved him, mom got on him and she hasn’t ridden in a while, and he took care of her by simply standing there and refusing to move. It was a funny yet kind act. That is what sold us.

Q:What’s your favorite part of Gentry’s personality?
He always tries his best, he gives his whole heart to me. Gentry is just that kind of guy that puts 110% ever time and it makes me  so happy  that I know that he will always try no matter what.

Q:What are your goals for this showing season, and what types of training challenges are you working on?
This year we are focusing on getting his confidence up in the show ring. I plan on showing him in 2ft h/s and eq o/f. Some of our challenges….oh my. Where to begin. You just never seem to be ready for shows. XD Headset is defiantly a struggle as well as keeping the true bend and relaxing  through and over the bridle.

Q:What is it about Two Horse Tack products you and Gentry love?
We love the durability and quality we get out of your products. Gentry is a bit of a mud lover, so it is always nice to have  the tack that will stand up to  his messy habits.

Q:How do you anticipate the quick change halter bridle will be helpful in your workouts?
This will help us in our workouts because I go on a lot of trail rides to build his topline and this product will help us stay clean and look good J Plus, they are malleable and soft on his face.

Follow their journey on their Instagram page,

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Congratulations to Sarah and Kiara!

Congratulations to Sarah and her horse Kiara, who are the winners of the December tack giveaway for a two-color beta biothane turnout halter!

Kiara is a 13-year-old off-track Thoroughbred. Kiara and Sarah are currently focusing on their dressage, but they tell us their true love is jumping. (We know first-hand the long-suffering exercise of trying to achieve the perfect 20-meter circle. Hang in there, guys!)


Kiara showing off her Thoroughbred turn-of-foot

Sarah and Kiara are going to get their new halter (a blue base with dark green overlay, which we think will be very striking on Kiara’s coat) just in time to withstand the New England winter. We think they’ll find that beta biothane is the best material for those super-cold temperatures. During an especially brutal cold snap here in central Kentucky last season, we were relieved to find that even when leather and nylon halters froze solid, beta biothane remained soft and pliable as ever, making turnout much more pleasant for all involved. And, even during wet periods, our halters hold up thanks to no-rust stainless steel hardware.

Love the sound of our turnout halters? Pick up your own.

Meet our model success story: Lady

As you may have noticed if you follow our blog regularly, we like to visit the horses over at the local facility for the New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program from time to time. As they’re looking for their new careers, we like to give the off-track Thoroughbreds a chance to try a hoof at modeling.

Lady bitless bridleIn at least one case, we’re thrilled to say that our visit made a real difference in the life of one mare. Pal’s First Lady (better known as “Lady” for short) was a great mover with very correct conformation and a friendly, loyal personality. Lady retired from the New York racing circuit two years ago with one victory in 21 starts.

The wonderful folks at New Vocations discovered she had a few challenges under saddle though–she is sensitive and tended to toss her head and even rear with a bit in her mouth–and when we stopped by for a bitless bridle for Lady to model, something clicked.

We’re pleased to report that Lady improved dramatically in her training, showing great potential in the arena and on the trails. You can see what a difference the bridle for her:

In fact, her improvement was so great that she has since been adopted! Congratulations to Lady and her new people!

UPDATE: Inspired by Lady’s success, we’re giving away a bitless bridle to one lucky reader next week. Enter our giveaway contest here.

Meet our model: Cori

This holiday season, one adorable gelding in central Kentucky will be requesting that Santa will bring him something special. Something that’s a little too big for a stocking.

Cori western bridleMeet Cori, a stunning 4-year-old Thoroughbred who ended his racing career this summer. A son of Corinthian, Cori wasn’t a winner on the track but the staff at New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program tell us he’s a winner on the trails. This winter, he’s hoping Santa will deliver him an intermediate rider who will give him a new, more permanent home.

Cori loves curry time, treats, and lots of attention. The awesome folks at New Vocations have taken him off the farm for trail rides and say he loads like a gentleman and is brave and relaxed on the trail. While he isn’t up to jumping in his new career, he has a beautiful comfortable canter and leg yields like a pro so low-level dressage is also a possibility.

Cori also tried his hoof at modeling and found out that the camera loves him.  Here, Cori is showing off a beta biothane Western bridle from Two Horse Tack.

275_darkpinkThis affordable bridle is hand-stitched and fully adjustable at the cheeks. The bridle is available in a range of colors from the conventional to the flashy, including two-color combinations, and a rainbow of bling options. Cori’s adopter will receive a free $50 gift certificate to our shop to outfit him for his new career (we think the blue bling goes best with his coat).

To learn more about Cori or to contact New Vocations, click here.



Meet our model: Stitch

Whether you want to admit it or not, everybody has a “type.” For some, it’s tall, dark, and handsome. For others, it’s a steely fellow with a soft brown eye. And then, there are the redheads….as long as they have plenty of chrome.


Stitch is modeling our Western bridle with bling.

If you go weak at the knees over a flashy chestnut, we’ve got the horse for you. “Stitch” is a 5-year-old mare off the track who is looking for someone who’s just her type. While racing wasn’t her thing, Stitch (known on the track as Stitch’s PublicPick) is ready for a new life of pleasure or trail riding, or possibly even some light jumping. Like some of us, Stitch is a bit of a sensitive soul—she needs someone who’s quiet and gentle in the saddle and on the ground, and in return she is happy to give affection and tries hard to please.

Stitch ran her last race at Indiana Downs in September and is currently part of New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program. New Vocations retrains, rehabilitates, and rehomes Thoroughbred and Standardbred racehorses off the track. The program, which is based out of Ohio, has placed nearly 5,000 horses in qualified homes since 1992.

One of Stitch’s current career interests is becoming a model—here she’s seen modeling a western bridle with bling made of beta biothane from Two Horse Tack. This bridle is fully adjustable and comes in a range of colors and bling options. Best of all, it will hold up to even the dustiest of trail rides without cracking or fading, and can be rinsed under the hose to be good as new. Whoever adopts Stitch will receive a free $50 gift certificate to Two Horse Tack  to keep her looking good in her next career.


Love that chrome!

To learn even more about Stitch or to inquire about adoption, click here.