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Fraidy Cat Eventing reviews our turnout halter

Fraidy cat eventing

“But most importantly – I appreciate the weather-proof aspects of this halter. As I’ve mentioned before, Charlie’s halter hangs out on the pasture gate while the horses are in turnout. So it must be able to withstand all the elements – baking sun or soaking rain. The elements were already beginning to put some wear on Charlie’s nice leather halter, so this was a big priority for me.”

Fraidy Cat Eventing reviewed our two-color turnout halter. Turns out, it looks great on Charlie and he loves it. Find out why here.




Congratulations to Sarah and Kiara!

Congratulations to Sarah and her horse Kiara, who are the winners of the December tack giveaway for a two-color beta biothane turnout halter!

Kiara is a 13-year-old off-track Thoroughbred. Kiara and Sarah are currently focusing on their dressage, but they tell us their true love is jumping. (We know first-hand the long-suffering exercise of trying to achieve the perfect 20-meter circle. Hang in there, guys!)


Kiara showing off her Thoroughbred turn-of-foot

Sarah and Kiara are going to get their new halter (a blue base with dark green overlay, which we think will be very striking on Kiara’s coat) just in time to withstand the New England winter. We think they’ll find that beta biothane is the best material for those super-cold temperatures. During an especially brutal cold snap here in central Kentucky last season, we were relieved to find that even when leather and nylon halters froze solid, beta biothane remained soft and pliable as ever, making turnout much more pleasant for all involved. And, even during wet periods, our halters hold up thanks to no-rust stainless steel hardware.

Love the sound of our turnout halters? Pick up your own.

Congratulations to Harley!

Here at Two Horse Tack, we love seeing horses excel in disciplines that are off the beaten path for their breed. That’s why we were excited to meet Harley, the winner of one of our September tack giveaways.

Harley is seven years old and together with her person Bobbie, competes in Western dressage and will soon be making the leap into endurance riding. Many people think of endurance riding as primarily made up of Arabians or Arab crosses, and Western riding is usually dominated by Quarter Horses or Paints. A lot of people had their breed stereotypes adjusted at the Retired Racehorse Training Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover Event in late October, however.harley thoroughbred western contest winner

The event, which was designed to showcase the versatility of off-track Thoroughbreds, featured horses (who had not been off the track for long) competing in barrel racing, working ranch, and competitive trail classes. Some 350 horses from 44 states and three countries competed at the multi-discipline show, which demonstrated among other things that horses and their talents often reach beyond stereotypes.

Congratulations to Harley and Bobbie for going their own way, and for winning a free Australian/barcoo style bridle. This rugged yet simple design will show off Harley’s gorgeous face, whether they are on the trail or working at home, and like all our beta biothane tack, is incredibly easy to clean.

Want free tack of your own? Check back on our giveaway page for your chance to enter our next contest.