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Our synthetic will surprise you

Lots of people have never seen synthetic tack before — or their only interaction with it has left them thinking of it as stiff, rough, and well..plastic-feeling.

A recent review at the Ponytude blog came from just such a rider, who admitted she was initially skeptical of beta biothane…until her halter came in the mail.


My first impressions were, “Wow it’s BRIGHT” and “It’s so soft!”

If you like color, this tack is for you. The “dark blue” I’d requested is more of a SUPER BRIGHT royal shade, and it’s awesome. Unlike colored nylon halters, it also won’t fade, which is a bonus! The beta biothane is also incredibly soft and flexible.

Read the complete review here.

Our turnout halters are made to withstand all sorts of weather, and a New England winter is par for the course. Beta biothane turnouts won’t freeze or stiffen in cold weather, and don’t fade in the sun. Pick up yours here.

Reins that are pony-tested, pony-approved

In many ways, reins are the most important pieces of safety equipment you have. That’s why it’s important they both be 1) strong and 2) unlikely to slip through your fingers.

Ashley at the Go Pony blog recently reviewed our riding reins with Super Grip overlay, and we’re happy to say she found them as tough as we do.

If you’re a competitive trail or endurance rider, take a peek at the Go Pony blog. Ashley has done it all in the equine world – Western, English, and now endurance with her two ponies, Mimi and Liberty.

“The super-grip is really comfortable, and the grip is pony-tested — this is the only thing I can use on her that won’t rub blisters on my fingers.

Like all beta, it is ridiculously easy to take care of — wipe down, spray, or dunk in a bucket, and let drip dry.

Overall, I found them to be a very solid option, and very budget-friendly. Turnaround time was incredibly fast; the reins were shipped out the next day after I ordered them.”

purple reins

Get your own set of beta biothane reins here.

See the full review here.

Icelandic Tack Isn’t Just For Icelandic Horses!

We reached out to Amy at the 5 Years To Tevis blog to see if she’d be interested in reviewing one of our bridles recently. Although she already had a teal halter bridle for her pony Pearl, Amy told us she’d love the chance to test out one of our other products in exchange for a review on her fabulous blog.

If you’re an endurance rider or aspiring endurance rider by the way, you’ll want to read 5 Years To Tevis. Amy launched the blog in 2016 to document her journey to reach the famous Tevis Cup, a 100-mile endurance race. As we know, working toward a major endurance goal requires a lot of patience and it’s great to have adult amateur riders support each other in a sport like this one.

Although Pearl is not, by breeding, an Icelandic Horse, Amy wanted to try our Icelandic bridle. For one thing, this style bridle is designed with heavier-but-shorter horses in mind, which made it a great option for Pearl, who is a 13-hand Appy. Amy points out it also has another useful feature: the option of fastening the noseband in front of the bit ring, similar to the Micklem-type bridle popular with eventers (although our design is different, just featuring the one attachment at the chin).

5 yrs to tevis amy and pearl

“I was quite impressed and happy again with the quality of the product. The stitching is tight and clean. When I first heard the thread was white I thought it would stand out more, but it actually works really well with the bright colors. The biothane itself is definitely sturdy, while not too heavy or thick. And I was impressed with the bling! Unlike some of the western bridles I have had, it is not just glued on. I definitely think it will stand up to daily use!”

See Amy’s full review here.


Favorite Flicks: The Christmas Edition

As Christmas fast approaches, we’ve been getting into the holiday spirit with a few of our favorite YouTube flicks. Watch them in good cheer, and enjoy your holidays!

Every year since it was uploaded, this video of a little girl discovering she got a pony for Christmas has brought a tear to our eyes. We’re pretty sure the pony was as lucky as the little girl in this case:

EBay had its own take on the ‘pony for Christmas’ concept, which of course wasn’t quite as touching but turned out to be pretty funny:

The Budweiser Clydesdales are a perennial favorite at SuperBowl time, and they usually make a few choice appearances around the holidays, too. This one isn’t Christmas-specific, but seems like something our ponies would do to us on a white Christmas if they could:

And last but certainly not least, there’s the Channel 3 Shetland Pony from across the pond, whose colleagues donned Christmas sweaters this year:

Merry Christmas to you and your horses from Two Horse Tack!

Favorite Flicks: Oh, you naughty pony

We’ve all known a naughty pony or two in our day, but we’re pretty sure Ed is the most famous little stinker on YouTube…or at least, he sure is our favorite.

The woman who put together these clips is quick to stress that Ed was very good most of the time, and assembled this video over 18 months. Her son Ross, aged five or six here, adores Ed and seems very good-natured during all Ed’s shenanigans. She writes on her YouTube page that she had Ed vetted to be sure he wasn’t misbehaving as a result of discomfort or pain–it’s just that ponies can sometimes be, well, ponies.

We’re honestly not sure who we admire most–Ed for his clever tricks, or Ross for his determination!