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‘I didn’t have a bridle big enough for his head!’

We were psyched to get this note from Jackie and her horse, Mr. Big!

Mr. Big is actually a 16.3 hh Tennessee Walker, who’s retired from showing and becoming a great trail horse. I didn’t have any bridle big enough for his head! so I found you through a Google web search of “purple bridle.” I get a lot of compliments and some question the strength of this bridle, but so far it’s great. We run into a lot of mud right now and sweat just as much, and the reins and breaststrap get really dirty. It’s really easy to clean. I love this type of saddle blanket for the same reason, so easy to clean between uses. I’m really happy and of course, the color looks great on Mr Big!



Greetings from Baxter!

Lots of riders have “signature colors” for their horses, and Baxter is no exception. Baxter is a North American Spotted Draft. His person Cathleen says he’s “really hot stuff…unless he’s cooling his tootsies in the kiddie pool or at the beach!”

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We think Baxter’s dark coat looks extra stunning in his purple swag.

Baxter's purple bridle Sue and Cath @ sound in the estate DSCN0688