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Congratulations to Jennifer and Mags!

Congratulations to Jennifer and Mags, winners of our April tack giveaway for a two-color English breastcollar! We asked Jennifer to tell us a little about herself and her journey with her Arabian, Mags:

“I have an 18 year old gelding Arabian named Mags short for Magnanimous. We are trail riding together and he is wonderful!! I work in a very stressful position at work as an Administrative Assistant for a major pharmaceutical company and Mags has a wonderful way of making my stress just disappear. We have only been together 3 months, but he has changed my life for the better. 

The breast collar you informed me that I won is exactly what I have been looking for! Your products look amazing! I am so excited!!”
We’re excited to see how Mags and Jennifer like their breastcollar, especially since we offer special sizing for Arabians.
Our May tack giveaway will be for a split ear Western headstall with reflective overlay. Want to win? Enter the giveaway here.
western two ear reflective

Congratulations to Heather and Fiona!

Congratulations to Heather and Fiona, who are the winners of our October tack giveaway!

Fiona is a 10-year-old pinto Spotted Draft x Arabian cross mare, and Heather is her human. Heather hails from northern Maryland and is currently a veterinary technician. Together, the two have dabbled in a variety of disciplines, from dressage to trail riding, and beyond. Heather has competed in driving, dressage, and Western disciplines.


Doesn’t she look great? Love that face!

We know they’ll love our reflective split ear Western bridle, which will be made to their size and color specifications. All our items with reflective Day-Glo overlays become especially popular this time of year as the days get shorter and more folks are riding in low light.


In the month of November, we’ll be giving away a camouflage Western breastcollar. This breastcollar will help keep your saddle in place, which is great from a safety perspective, and also gives you a great spot to hang on in the event of ‘unexpected turbulence’ during your ride. Our camo breastcollar comes in 3/4-inch width beta biothane in your choice of 14 colors with green, pink, or orange camo. It’s fully adjustable at the shoulder and belly straps to ensure a great fit.

Sound cute? Enter for your chance to win one today and you’ll get a coupon code for $5 off your next order.

Win versatility with a free halter bridle!


It’s time for another tack giveaway, and just in time for the end of summer, we’re giving away a quick-change halter bridle!

The quick-change style allows you to go from trailer to trail in just a few seconds. It’s also kind of a three-in-one because you get a halter, Western headstall, and English bridle all in one. The version we’re giving away also comes with reflective Day-Glo to keep you and your horse visible and safe even in low light–important as the days get shorter.

The bridles with reflective overlays are just as durable and waterproof as our plain beta biothane pieces, and won’t fade or crack after exposure to sun, rain, or sweat.

The winner of our giveaway will get to choose the size of the bridle that works for their horse in a range from mini to draft. Like all our pieces, we can customize the size for tough-to-fit horses. See our sizing guide here.

Enter the contest here. Even if you don’t win, you’ll get $5 off your next order.

Maximum visibility for maximum protection

We are proud to offer gear that’s not only durable and great-looking, but also helps our customers ride more safely. One of our customers recently sent us this note along with a photo of her horse all decked out in their hunting season attire:

orange visibility tack“I just wanted to say thank you again for all the help you have given to my horse DuVessa and I. I felt that hunters had no problem seeing us in the woods this weekend. Thank you for all of your suggestions on purchasing the right track. Also I’m very impressed with how quickly you had everything sent to me. I have some friends that will be ordering from you soon! Thanks again!”

Brenda here opted with an orange ensemble, which can be seen from a long ways off. All of our beta tack comes with the option of an orange base or solid orange color, and most of our pieces also have the option of orange camouflage overlays, which can increase visibility if you’re likely to be riding near hunters, as well.

We also offer reflective Day-Glo tack that will help you and your horse shine even as the light gets low…and yes, the Day-Glo overlays come in a range of colors, including neon orange.

So what are you waiting for? Start your custom safety tack today!

A Salute to Peso



We got this photo of search and rescue team horse Peso, modeling one of our reflective bridle and breastcollar. Peso and his person Vicky are part of DELMARVA, a search and rescue team that helps folks in Delware, Maryland, and Virginia, as well as other Mid-Atlantic states if requested. Search and rescue teams can help out in all kinds of emergencies, and mounted teams have a particular advantage in that they can traverse mountainous areas where vehicles can’t reach. As trail riders ourselves, we really appreciate the work of DELMARVA and others like them so we love getting orders from teams like this to help them stay visible and accessible on the job.

If you’re interested in our reflective tack, check out our online shop.

You Almost Need Your Sunglasses at Night

…in order to handle our Day-Glo reflective tack. We snapped this picture of Sue, chief Two Horse model, at night with her reflective English bridle. Pretty bright, huh?

We’re big advocates of safety, no matter what type of riding you do, and in the summers when people are out riding later into the day, we think having reflectors is extremely important.

See our full range of reflective tack here.

Reflective Day-Glo English bridle

Reflective Day-Glo English bridle