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Meet Our Ambassadors: Carley and Blue

Today we’re continuing a series of blog posts to help you get to know our team of Two Horse Tack Ambassadors. Our Ambassador program helps social media influencers and riders find great custom tack at a great price. Interested in applying for our Ambassador program? Fill out our questionnaire here. Our program accepts ambassadors on a rolling basis. 

Meet Carley and her rescue horse, Blue. They’ve been testing out our Western bridle with silver spots this summer.


Carley and Blue after a recent show. Follow them on Instagram at @carley_wheelis

What have you and your horse been up to this summer–preparing for a show, hitting the trails, trying a new sport?

Me and Little Blue having been training to compete in North Carolina’s State Fair on October. Also we have been working on barrel racing and dressage.

How did you first meet Blue?
I met Blue through a rescue facility. When I first met him he was skin and bones literally! When I saw his big dark eyes just pleading for help i knew i had to save him. When i first brought him home he had a 50/50 chance of surviving. Also he was drugged so I had no idea he was mean and dangerous. I found out 3 moths later that the place that “rescued” him were actually  the ones starving and abusing him.
What’s your favorite part of Blue’s personality?
My favorite part of Blue’s personality is his trust. He only trusts me to saddle him, or give him a bath. I know it sounds bad but I love that he only trusts me.
What do you like about the Two Horse gear you guys have been using? I LOVE that its so easy to wash. Especially since Blue LOVES to roll in the creek in his tack 😦 So easy to wash is a MUST!

No horse is too big or small…

…for Two Horse Tack, which Lazarus demonstrates. Lazarus is a draft horse who was rescued from a kill pen auction in New Jersey and is now loved by his person, Heidi.

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Lazarus is wearing our blue sidepull bitless bridle, which starts at just $55 in our online shop (a flat price, whether you order a draft, a mini, or a regular horse size). The sidepull is one of two bitless bridles we offer; the other is the 2-in-1, which can be converted to either a crossunder style or a sidepull. Learn more about bitless styles here.