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Powering transformations

As the new year moves forward, many of us are reviewing our training goals with our horses for 2017. Trainer Sienna Hawk of Longmont, Colo. has a particularly large task in front of her with Tucker. Sienna and Tucker are preparing for the Equine Comeback Challenge, which gives them 120 days to turn Tucker from a green rescue horse to a horse with a solid start on his next career.

Tucker came to Sienna from Harmony Equine Center after he was seized as part of a rescue situation by the New Mexico state veterinarian’s office. He’s a 4-year-old Quarter Horse and is excelling at his training in Western tack so far despite his young age.

Tucker is still learning to find his feet and collect himself, but Sienna said despite his history he is incredibly friendly with people. He’ll soon meet cows for the first time and may even have a propensity for jumping, too.


Sienna and Tucker hard at work

This is Sienna’s second year participating in the Equine Comeback Challenge, and it sounds like she’s really an up-and-coming young trainer in her local area.

“Over one summer, I began teaching children’s lessons and loved it! After a while the lessons expanded to teaching adults as well, and then I transitioned into training just the horses,” she said. “I really enjoy the one-on-one time spent working with a horse, both on the ground and under saddle. You can learn so much from each one that comes along, and being able to help them through difficult areas in their training is one of the most rewarding feelings I’ve ever felt.”

Sienna has worked with young horses of several different breeds. She has two personal horses, a Paint named Jet who has done everything working cows, to trail riding, to agility,
jumping, and even endurance. Her other horse is a Miniature named Bron who is mostly a farm pet but is learning to drive. Sienna tells us she has really found her true love in Mustangs.

“I fell in love with Mustangs early in life, and now I’m totally hooked on them! Working at so many different barns, I met many Mustangs and always enjoyed time spent with them,” she said. “What I really love about them is their diversity. There are so many colors, sizes, builds, personalities, and attitudes. Each one is so unique! Mustangs are like working with a different animal too, they have a different way of communicating and learning. But once you bond with one, it is such a strong and meaningful relationship.”


We’re proud to support Tucker and Sienna as they work towards their big finale at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in early March. Sienna tells us Two Horse products are a great option for her work with Tucker because of their durability.

“When I first found Two Horse Tack I got so excited,” she said. “My barn color is blue, so I was thrilled to be able to order any piece of tack to match! The beta biothane is so easy to use, and it doesn’t fade or have to be broken in. The first bridle I ordered a couple years ago is still the same vibrant blue that came out of the box! I use beta biothane every day in my training and riding. It’s the perfect equipment for a busy trainer!”

Luckily for Sienna and Tucker, beta holds up well to sweat and sun, so even with their busy training schedule, Tucker’s Western bridle with his snap-on blue browband will stay smooth and pliable.

Love Tucker’s bridle? You can get your own, in your very own colors! And follow his journey at the Hawk Horsemanship Facebook page.


Meet The Models: From Rescue Horse To Faithful Partner

We’re proud that our Two Horse Tack models come from so many different breed backgrounds. It’s fun for us to learn more about various breeds of horse, and fun for us to meet the challenge of fitting tack to a wide range of needs. But we’re just as proud to outfit those horses whose heritage is a bit..less clear.

One of our tack models is Solly, who his person Miranda thinks is probably some mixture of Appaloosa, Quarter Horse, and may have some type of gaited breed thrown in. Miranda found Solly back home in Alabama, and knew very quickly she needed to get him out of his living situation.

“He was extremely skinny and was very weary of people,” she told us. “He wasn’t fond of people touching him.”

Miranda took him home with a few question marks. Besides his breed, she had to take a guess at his age, which at the time was probably four or five years old.

Now, four years later, Miranda says Solly has turned around.

“We began to build trust and put weight on. He was the best decision of my life thus far,” she told us.

Solly, short for ‘Solitaire,’ is a versatile horse who loves trail riding, jumping, and running barrels. He also does tricks–Miranda has taught him how to lie down on command, which was a big moment for the pair in terms of building trust. As prey animals, horses are putting their full trust in their humans when they agree to lie down on command because it renders them unable to flee in the event of some unexpected danger.

Next on Miranda and Solly’s list: riding bareback and bridleless. Solly is happy to work with Miranda, but she says he’s even happier to do so when she shares some of her snack with him. He’ll eat potato chips, pizza, apples, and even sweet tea!

Solly modeled our quick change halter bridle beautifully

Solly modeled our quick change halter bridle beautifully

Solly may not be registered anywhere, but for Miranda, his kind heart, his love of his work, and his determination to please means more than any paperwork. We’re proud to have Solly sporting Two Horse Tack!

Congratulations to Raffie!

Congratulations to Raffie, the winner of our latest tack giveaway! Raffie

We love hearing from our fans and customers, and learning all about their horses. Raffie, aka Raffle Ticket, is a 12-year-old off-the-track Standardbred who lives with Sunshine Horses, a New York-based rescue for former trotters and pacers alike. Raffie won the giveaway thanks to Hannah, who works with Raffie and others at Sunshine to find their second careers and forever homes.

Although she’s a dressage rider herself, Hannah teaches the Standardbreds to go under tack and then dabbles in different disciplines to help them decide what they want to do in the next phase of their lives.

Raffle Ticket is still looking for his new person. Could that be you? Learn more about him here.

Raffie will be getting one of our split ear Western bridlesRaffle Ticket, which lets a horse’s facial structure shine through. Our bridles are hand stitched for depth and constructed from super strength beta biothane, which is virtually maintenance-free. Our September tack giveaway is for a buckle nose halter. Enter here.