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Cleaning Tips: What to do about rust

Everyone’s trying to enjoy the last few days of nice weather with trail rides, horse shows, and clinics galore. On our way out of the tack room recently, one of us grabbed a spare lead rope for the trailer and was horrified to discover the snap had rusted shut. Gross.

Fortunately, there are a few natural remedies for rust on your tack. Of course, if you’re really clever, you can avoid the problem altogether by buying from our shop, where all our products come with no-rust guaranteed stainless steel hardware.

–Soak it in white vinegar and water for several hours or overnight before scrubbing. Using crumpled aluminum foil for the scrub will make this job easier.

–Go the margarita┬ároute! Sprinkle the affected area with salt and scrub with lime juice

–Make a paste of baking soda and water, and scrub the rusted area

–Use a potato–yes, a potato–cut it in half and slather the open end in dish soap. Let the dish soap end of the potato sit on the rusted area for a while, then rub it off. Repeat as necessary. The surface of the potato and the soap react with the rust to help break it down.

Now get cleaning!