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Leo the Saddlebred gets just the right fit

We were excited to work with Kaity at The Repurposed Saddlebred blog for a review of our English breastcollar.

One of Kaity’s favorite parts of the ordering process was getting the right sizing for her Saddlebred, Leo. We have a lot of size options — way more than most tack companies, and have the ability to customize a fit for a particular horse or breed.


“Sizing was the first issue of concern.  Normally, Leo goes in cob-sized gear, but a quick e-mail to Jacke led to the discovery that their cob-sized items are for, well, cobs; my narrow, gangly horse was probably not going to fit well in something that was intended for a horse that’s built like a small tank (and I mean that as a compliment – cobs are awesome!).  Luckily, Two Horse Tack offers an option for that – the Arab size – and despite Leo’s lack of a dished face, a brief e-mail exchange with Jacke was enough to determine that the Arab size was likely our best option.” 

bcollar clip

Optional clip is great with the right girth

english bcollar

Clips help secure fit and give you a grab strap if needed

Read the rest of Kaity’s review here.


In Memory of Sampson

We’re happy to get emails from satisfied customers from time to time, but this one was bittersweet. We got these great pictures of Sampson the registered Saddlebred modeling his set of Two Horse Tack in the show ring.


Sampson and his family showed in Western gear but practiced in English from time to time. Blue was his signature color, and as you can see, it really brings out the golden color of his coat.

Sampson’s tack sparkled a little more thanks to some bling on his reins. If you’re really a glitter fanatic, you can get an entire set of tack with bling, but we also enjoy the balanced look Sampson has going here with just a little bit of shine. Our bling tack is also rugged enough to hold up to everyday use, with each rhinestone riveted into place for maximum durability.

Sadly, his people told us Sampson passed away in 2014, but we are proud we were able to help him stand out in the show ring during his time there. Our condolences go out the humans who loved him. It looks like he brought them lots of joy in their time together, which is the greatest gift of all.

Congratulations to Bayberry!

You might be familiar with our Meet Our Breeds series, in which we introduce you to a few of our equine models and delve into their heritage. We’ve had the honor to



meet a variety of horses, large and small, but the winner of one of our recent contests was a new one even for us.

Meet Bayberry, who is a Georgian Grande. Georgian Grandes originated in the 1970s when a breeder named George Wagner Jr. sought to bring heavier bone back into Saddlebreds of the era. Robert E. Lee’s horse Traveler is a classic example of the bigger, heavier type of Saddlebred of yesteryear. Today, the Georgian Grande is a Saddlebred crossed with a draft or Freisian. Bayberry’s sire was a Freisian, and her dam was a Clydesdale/Saddlebred. We think the result is pretty stunning.

Bayberry’s person Adrian began working with Bayberry when the mare was three years old, at which point she was still unbroke. She also didn’t lead, tie, or allow her feet to be picked up. Bayberry is now seven years old and she and Adrian are planning to do their first show this year!Bayberry3

Adrian and Bayberry have won a war bridle from Two Horse Tack and the Behind the Bit blog (if you haven’t already started reading this dressage blog, check it out here). This bridle is great for a bit of extra drama in the schooling ring or any sort of

Our equine model here really didn't need another ego boost about his looks, but the war bridle really sets off his features beautifully

Our equine model here really didn’t need another ego boost about his looks, but the war bridle really sets off his features beautifully

costume contest.