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Congratulations to Gaia!

Congratulations to Gaia, winner of our recent tack giveaway with the Behind the Bit blog! We love meeting our followers on social media, and readers in the blogosphere. Gaia is a 2-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse who has been hand-raised by her human, Susan. Gaia was a dystocia foal, meaning her delivery was complicated; in Gaia’s case, her dam suffered a fractured pelvis, which meant that she couldn’t take care of Gaia. Susan tells us Gaia didn’t have to be bottle fed but actually drank milk out of a Tupperware container.

Meet Gaia, the Tennessee Walking Horse

Meet Gaia, the Tennessee Walking Horse

Because of Gaia’s age, she’s not ready to begin working under saddle yet, but will be starting ground driving soon and her people hope to use her new bitless bridle in her early training.

Susan tells us that because of the way Gaia grew up, she’s very people-oriented; sort of a “pocket pony” whose personality should help her excel at whatever she does. We’re expecting big things from this little girl!

Gaia will get a great start with our two-in-one bitless bridle, which converts between a cross-under bitless bridle and a sidepull. The cross-under style works with more generalized pressure than the sidepull, which focuses pressure on the horse’s nose. Many of our customers find that the bitless bridle gives them both extra control and a better sense of connectivity with their horse. The flexibility of the two-in-one makes it a great option for those trying a bitless bridle for the first time.


Go bitless!

Sidepull bitlessOur April tack giveaway may give you a great opportunity to try something new this spring. We’ll be giving away a bitless sidepull bridle to one lucky winner. A bitless bridle can give you more freedom and more control, and can be a good solution for some horses over traditional bridles. Check out this post from the archives on the benefits of the two styles of bitless bridle.

This giveaway is for a single-color beta biothane bitless sidepull, which includes noseband and jaw strap to provide stability and keep cheek piece away from horse’s eye. Rein Rings are securely sewn into noseband  and triple stitched for added security.It is fully adjustable at the cheeks, noseband, and throat latch.

Everyone who enters this giveaway will receive a $10 off coupon to our store. Also for the month of April, the sidepull is on sale, just in case you don’t want to wait to see if you’ve won.

What are you waiting for? Enter today!

It’s time for another tack giveaway!

Inspired by the success of New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program model Lady, (which you can read about here), December’s tack giveaway will be one of our two-in-one bitless bridles! 402 cross under

Our two-in-one design easily converts from a sidepull to a crossunder style bridle in seconds. It’s fully adjustable at the cheeks, noseband, bit ring and throatlatch for ideal fit, and comes in a range of color, style, and bling options.

Our beta biothane bitless bridle (try saying that five times fast) is low-maintenance, which is perfect for winter weather when the last thing you want to spend your time doing is freezing your fingers while cleaning tack. Beta will also stay supple no matter how cold it gets.

Best of all, the only thing you need to do to enter is to fill out our form here.

This giveaway ends on Dec. 15–in plenty of time for Christmas! Enter today.

Something’s missing here: Bitless bridles

One of our most popular products over at our shop is the bitless bridle. You may have seen these a time or two and wondered, ‘Isn’t something missing there?’

The bitless bridle has fans both in the English and Western worlds. Instead of placing pressure on the bars of the horse’s mouth, it may work by putting pressure on the bridge of the horse’s nose or on the poll, depending on how the bridle is constructed.

One of the most popular styles of bitless bridle is the sidepull, illustrated below. On a sidepull, the reins attach to loops attached to the cheekpieces.

Another style is the crossunder. These bitless bridles create leverage by crossing the reins under the horse’s nose, adding poll pressure to the equation.400 cross under (2)

(Sidenote: We sell a two-in-one bitless bridle that can easily converts between a crossunder and a sidepull. Check it out!)

Many riders prefer a bitless bridle, sometimes also called a hackamore, because it eliminates some horses’ need to fight and overpower increasingly-harsh bits, and gives them more exacting control. Others consider many bits harsh and unnecessary, and feel more connected and in tune with their horse when riding without a bit.

Some trainers like to start young horses off in bitless bridles since their permanent teeth aren’t finished emerging.

Learn more about the evolution of bitless bridles here.

Sidepull bitlessAlso, Happy Cyber Monday to all! Don’t forget about our Christmas ornament giveaway going on today. We’re still shipping orders in plenty of time for them to be under your tree, so don’t hesitate to stop by our shop.52

New Product Alert!

G’day, pony! We’ve got a few new products here at Two Horse Tack that we think you and your horses will love!

blue 6We’ve recently introduced the Australian barcco bridle to our line-up. If your horse needs a sturdy bridle for work or competition without the noseband, consider the Aussie Barcoo Outrider bridle. The rugged yet elegant design lets the beauty of your horse’s head shine through while giving you all the control you need. We offer the barcco bridle in leather or beta biothane, in a range of sizes and color options.

Also new to our line-up is the bitless sidepull–the best of two worlds! This bridle gives you all the freedom and control of a bitless bridle, together with the comfort of a sidepull. This must-have bridle includes a noseband and a jaw strap 108_3_ (1)to provide stability and keep the cheekpiece away from the horse’s eyes. Rein rings are sewn into the noseband and triple stitched for extra security. The standard width is ¾-inch. The bitless sidepull is hand-stitched with white thread (black available at no cost on request) for a refined look. Come rain or shine, our stainless steel hardware is guaranteed not to rust (brass available on request). Available in beta biothane or leather, in a variety of sizes.