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Congratulations to Jayden and Smokey!

Two Horse Tack is pleased to extend congratulations to Jayden and Smokey, winners of our December/January tack giveaway! Jayden and Smokey have won a custom-made buckle nose safety halter in their choice of size and color. Besides having a European style flair, the buckle nose safety halter makes it easy and safe for a beginner rider or green horse to safely switch from halter to bridle, and back again.

Although we didn’t realize it when Jayden’s email address was randomly selected as the winner in our system, Smokey is exactly the kind of horse who deserves a comfortable, brand new halter. Smokey is a 20-year-old neglect case and was being cared for on and off by boarders at the barn where he’d been left. When Jayden moved in, she tells us she instantly fell in love with him.

After Jayden started caring for Smokey, he was dealt some more bad luck–he was kicked by a pasturemate, tearing his esophagus and creating an infection in his throat.

“It gained so much pressure that he had a high fever, wouldn’t eat, and could barely move his head, as his entire body was so swollen,” said Jayden. “We were about to put him down when his neck literally popped. He can’t eat hay as a fistula has formed where the tear was, but he’s now fully healed and is my competition horse!”


Jayden and Smokey have been competing in entry level eventing, and plan to move up to beginner novice soon. What a transformation! We think they look great, and look forward to following their journey on Instagram.

Didn’t win our December/January giveaway? We’re running another through the end of February for a Sidepull Bitless Headstall. Always wanted to try the freedom of a bitless bridle? This could be your chance. Fully adjustable at the chin, cheeks, throat, and noseband, our bitless bridles may be more comfortable for super sensitive horses. Enter to win and you’ll get a $5 off coupon for your next purchase.


Congratulations to Katie and Winchester!

We’re a little late in doing so, but Two Horse Tack is proud to announce the winner of our May tack giveaway. Congratulations to Katie and her gelding, Winchester!

Katie and Winchester are just beginning their riding journey together, as Winchester is just two and a half years old. He is a playful leopard Appaloosa, which as you might guess is a color pattern characterized by large spots, often brown, over a gray body. Very striking!


Our grooming halter with bling and matching lead

Katie tells us that Winchester is a playful sort, engaging his buddies in the field and sometimes even trying to jump over them. That’s quite a mental picture. Katie will be training Winchester for Western pleasure, which is the discipline she has ridden since she was five.

Katie and Winchester won a custom grooming halter with blinggrooming halter with bling, which we hope will prove useful to them for many years ahead. Our beta biothane grooming halters are missing their cheek and chin straps, making clipping and currying on the horse’s face a breeze. They will have their choice of 14 base colors and 12 colors of bling for the perfect color combo to complement Winchester’s spots. All our grooming halters come with no-rust stainless steel hardware, and our rhinestones are hand-riveted into place for rugged use, even by a two and a half-year-old. Sound like a good deal? Get your own for just $43 plus shipping!

Congratulations to Grace and Quest!

February has come and gone, which means it’s time to announce the winner of our monthly tack giveaway. Congratulations to Grace and her horse, Quest, who will be getting ready for spring in style with a custom beta biothane grooming halter with bling.

Grace and Quest are two of our many customers who enjoy endurance riding. Grace tells us that Quest is an 11-year-old registered National Show Horse, which means Quest is half Arabian, half Saddlebred. They found each other at an auction two years ago and have been having a blast ever since.


“I was looking for an endurance prospect and there was just something about her that urged me to take a chance on her. I’m so glad I did,” Grace told us.

As it turns out, Quest loves the trails and has proven quite athletic in their time training together. Grace hopes that the two of them will enter their first competition this year.

Grace and Quest hard at work

Grace and Quest hard at work

The folks over at Green Bean Endurance have told us that the conditioning process for a really fit endurance horse is quite often months or years, even for shorter competitions, because a truly fit horse needs time for their ligaments and tendons to become conditioned to the long distance work, not just their heart and lungs.

Grace and Quest will have an easier time currying off the mud this spring with one of our grooming halters, which is a waterproof and mud-proof beta biothane halter built without chin and cheek pieces. The grooming halter is great for washing or clipping and is super affordable. Grace will get her choice of 14 beta biothane base colors and 12 bling colors, which are hand-riveted into place for excellent fit and durability.

Didn’t win last month’s giveaway? Enter this month for a chance to win an Australian bridle.