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Love of horses keeps Solhaug coming back

Days are long for Marte Solhaug — she’s up at 5:30 a.m. and feeding hungry Thoroughbreds at the racetrack and she doesn’t finish until 5 p.m. each day.

Solhaug, 24, started riding as a child, playing around on borrowed ponies before getting her own and dabbling in show jumping and dressage. When she had outgrown ponies and needed a larger horse, she became fascinated with Thoroughbreds and acquired one.

“It might not have been the best decision at that point for a 13-year-old girl, but I figured it out,” she joked.

Marte Solhaug

A native of Norway, Solhaug spent her first week on the racetrack at the age of 14 and was instantly hooked on horse racing. She attended Ridskolan Stromsholm (the Stromsholm Riding Academy) in Sweden, giving her a chance to perfect her equine education while remaining on track academically.

Two years into high school, Solhaug got her National Steeplechase Association rider’s license and rode her first race. She took a job in Australia working with 2-year-olds and young horses, then spent six months with international racing operation Darley. Seeing horses at different life stages and in different contexts gave Solhaug a unique perspective on raising them. When she was ready to work in the States, that international background made her a hot commodity.

“The first day I was here I got a job with Jimmy Corrigan,” she said. “Two months later I was an assistant trainer for Jimmy and I got to saddle my first winner [a horse called Elmor] at Turfway Park. I saddled my first stakes horse the same year at Churchill Downs, and another one at Ellis Park in the summer finished second.”

Solhaug said one of her best moments thus far in her career was saddling Impeached ahead of a win at Churchill Downs in June 2015.

“It was a childhood dream come true,” she said. “Getting to saddle out a horse at a track like that, where all the greatest horses have run.”

Solhaug is a jill of all trades for Corrigan — she gallops horses on the track, walks them after exercise to cool down. She handles communication for Corrigan between veterinarians, farriers, and owners. She enters horses in races and deals with the paperwork in the track’s racing office — and that’s all before lunch. Then, she’s off to Corrigan’s farm in Central Kentucky, exercising young horses, cleaning stalls, checking on mares, and whatever else needs to be done. Then, it’s back to the track to feed the racehorses. During foaling season, she’ll jump in to help mares deliver their babies, and in the fall she puts the first training on young yearlings.

“i’ve been v fortunate to try out everything,” she said. “It’s incredible watching babies when they’re born, then two years old starting on the racetrack. Then we had one go to the Thoroughbred Makeover [for retired racehorses] and he did really well there. It’s the job of the lifetime.”

In future, Solhaug wants to continue in a dual role like this one — enjoying the buzz of the racetrack and the relaxation of the farm. It’s the variety that keeps her going through the long work days — that, and her devotion to the animals.

“I love the horses,” she said. “I love knowing they’re always there when I come in in the morning. A horse won’t judge you. He’ll love you for who you are.”

Halters that are hang-on-the-fence tough

No one likes ordering a red halter, only to see it eventually fade to pink. That’s why we make a point of advertising that beta biothane is fadeproof, an we were happy to hear Stephanie at the Hand Gallop blog had noticed that about the turnout halter she reviewed.

“I’ve been using the halter on Candy for about a month, and it couldn’t be better. It hangs outside on the fence all day while she’s turned out in the front pasture and the color is just as bright as it was straight out of the box.”


Candy looks great in our blue turnout halter!

Read her full review at Hand Gallop

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Congratulations to Harley!

Here at Two Horse Tack, we love seeing horses excel in disciplines that are off the beaten path for their breed. That’s why we were excited to meet Harley, the winner of one of our September tack giveaways.

Harley is seven years old and together with her person Bobbie, competes in Western dressage and will soon be making the leap into endurance riding. Many people think of endurance riding as primarily made up of Arabians or Arab crosses, and Western riding is usually dominated by Quarter Horses or Paints. A lot of people had their breed stereotypes adjusted at the Retired Racehorse Training Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover Event in late October, however.harley thoroughbred western contest winner

The event, which was designed to showcase the versatility of off-track Thoroughbreds, featured horses (who had not been off the track for long) competing in barrel racing, working ranch, and competitive trail classes. Some 350 horses from 44 states and three countries competed at the multi-discipline show, which demonstrated among other things that horses and their talents often reach beyond stereotypes.

Congratulations to Harley and Bobbie for going their own way, and for winning a free Australian/barcoo style bridle. This rugged yet simple design will show off Harley’s gorgeous face, whether they are on the trail or working at home, and like all our beta biothane tack, is incredibly easy to clean.

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Favorite Flicks: Ever wanted to ride a racehorse?

…so have we, but we’re not sure if we’re that brave. Fortunately, HRTV brings us the next-best thing here.

Take a spin aboard California Chrome, who is considered one of the prime contenders for this year’s Kentucky Derby.

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 12.55.24 AM