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Adding holes to your beta tack

We sometimes get questions from customers about how to add holes to beta biothane halters or bridles that are just a little bit loose. We work really hard to offer a range of sizes from mini horse to draft horse with everything in between, so hopefully your gear will fit your horse perfectly. Sometimes though, it needs a slight adjustment on one strap to work for an individual head shape, without the need to size the whole piece down.

With a leather item, you can just pull out your leather hole punch and add what you need. Well, the same applies to beta! A leather whole punch will work on beta too.

Pecan is showing off our baby blue turnout halter with neoprene padding. You can pick up your own by clicking the photo, shared with us by her person, Amber

Similarly, our friend Pecan recently reminded us that leatherworking tools can also be used to add nameplates to beta biothane pieces. We don’t sell nameplates at Two Horse Tack as of this writing, but one can easily be added if you pick one up from another shop.

Show us your gear in action! Post pics of your horse or pony modeling at our Facebook page.

Clock’s ticking on Christmas shopping!

If you’re still Christmas shopping, make sure to get your order placed by noon on Friday!

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Congratulations to Elizabeth and Titan!

Congratulations to Elizabeth and her 20-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding, Titan! Elizabeth and Titan are the winners of our July tack giveaway for a neoprene English saddle pad like this one.


Just like our beta biothane tack, our neoprene saddle pads are water-proof and sun-proof, which makes them easy to clean and air dry. Elizabeth and Titan compete in dressage, and we’re hoping this pad can help them get ready for the next show.

turnout halter

In August, we’re giving away a two-color beta biothane turnout halter in your choice of size or color. Our turnout halters are rugged enough for everyday use and won’t crack, fade, or freeze, no matter what the weather. Adjustable at nose and headstall with chin clip for easy on/off.

You’ll get a $5 off coupon just for entering our giveaway! Put your name in the hat here.

Fraidy Cat Eventing reviews our turnout halter

Fraidy cat eventing

“But most importantly – I appreciate the weather-proof aspects of this halter. As I’ve mentioned before, Charlie’s halter hangs out on the pasture gate while the horses are in turnout. So it must be able to withstand all the elements – baking sun or soaking rain. The elements were already beginning to put some wear on Charlie’s nice leather halter, so this was a big priority for me.”

Fraidy Cat Eventing reviewed our two-color turnout halter. Turns out, it looks great on Charlie and he loves it. Find out why here.




Congratulations to Sarah and Kiara!

Congratulations to Sarah and her horse Kiara, who are the winners of the December tack giveaway for a two-color beta biothane turnout halter!

Kiara is a 13-year-old off-track Thoroughbred. Kiara and Sarah are currently focusing on their dressage, but they tell us their true love is jumping. (We know first-hand the long-suffering exercise of trying to achieve the perfect 20-meter circle. Hang in there, guys!)


Kiara showing off her Thoroughbred turn-of-foot

Sarah and Kiara are going to get their new halter (a blue base with dark green overlay, which we think will be very striking on Kiara’s coat) just in time to withstand the New England winter. We think they’ll find that beta biothane is the best material for those super-cold temperatures. During an especially brutal cold snap here in central Kentucky last season, we were relieved to find that even when leather and nylon halters froze solid, beta biothane remained soft and pliable as ever, making turnout much more pleasant for all involved. And, even during wet periods, our halters hold up thanks to no-rust stainless steel hardware.

Love the sound of our turnout halters? Pick up your own.

Meet Garpun, the Akhal-Teke

Since we make our tack for all disciplines and breeds, we’ve tried our products on a LOT of different types of horses. Some of them were even kind enough to model for us, as was this handsome fellow.

GARPUN Akhal Teke StallionGarpun is a Akhal-Teke stallion, making him relatively rare (one of an estimated 6,600). The Akhal-Teke breed was developed in Turkmenistan, which is located in central Asia between Afghanistan and the Caspian Sea.

Some experts believe that the breed, ¬†which is best known for its endurance and speed under saddle, is one of the oldest in the world. Physically, Akhal-Tekes are similar to Arabians, though it’s not known which breed evolved first.

Garpun is showing off the distinctive metallic gold color of the Akhal-Teke breed. Many are somewhere between a golden bucksin and a palomino color, but the more common bay, black, chestnut, and gray are also accepted.

The Akhal-Teke breed stayed somewhat behind the Iron Curtain while the Soviet Union controlled Turkmenistan, and it wasn’t established in the U.S. until the early 1980s. These days, you can find them not just on the endurance racecourse, but also in the showring, dressage arena, or out on the cross country course. Garpun enjoys a good foxhunt, and also joins his owner on a mounted patrol team here in the central Kentucky area.

Garpun is shown modeling our beta biothane turnout halter. Just like the Akhal-Teke, our turnout halter is known for both its grace and its endurance. Our halters come in a range of colors and styles, and are fully adjustable to allow for a custom fit. They’re also built to stand up to the elements–light, heat, cold, and rain are no match for beta, which never needs oiling and can be cleaned with soap and water. Learn more about our halters here.Garpun