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If you love riding in a halter and rope, try a bitless bridle!

Like many of us, Ashley has spent afternoons here and there throwing a halter and leadrope on her horse and going for a short ride. Of course, you can’t necessarily spend every day in the ring that way. This led her to wonder whether a bitless bridle might be right for her two horses.

As she writes in The North Carolina Cowgirl Blog, Ashley found it was a great fit for her horse Gracie and was pleased with the quality of our 2-in-1 bridle with bling.

“Whether you ride English or Western, Two Horse Tack’s bitless bridle is a great piece of tack and I would recommend it. It’s good quality for the price and functions well. If your horse is like mine, then I’m sure he/she would love to be ridden without a bit every once in a while. 😉”


Read her complete review here.

Join Team Two Horse Tack!

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 1.39.43 AM

This week, we sent out our first shipment of items to our first group of Two Horse Tack Ambassadors! We’re really excited about this new program, which we hope will spread the word about our products to riders of all disciplines. Our Ambassadors get one item of their choice (excluding harnesses), as well as a special coupon code to share with their friends. In exchange, they post photos and reviews of our products to their social media followers.

We’re taking ambassadors on a rolling basis, so apply today!

Memorial Day Weekend Sale!

In honor of Memorial Day weekend, we’re offering $10 off your next order of $100+!  Enter coupon code MMD565 at checkout!



Our Quick-Change Halter Bridle

Who doesn’t love a mini foal?

Nicole over at the blog Equinpilot has teamed up with Two Horse Tack for a really cool giveaway. A foal by her stallion Roscoe is expected in the next few weeks, and Nicole is running a pool to see who can guess the baby’s arrival date and gender! Winner gets their choice of a custom Two Horse Tack bridle/halter/reins/stirrup leathers. How cool is that?

That is going to be one adorable baby!


Roscoe, Nicole’s stallion

Check it out at Equinpilot

Congratulations to Niki!

Congratulations to Niki of Legacy Horse Farm in Virginia! Niki is the winner of our March tack giveaway for a grooming halter. Legacy has long been a breeding operation for unusual gaited horse breeds, including Tiger Horses, Walkaloosas, Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses, Paso Finos and Hackneys. Niki is in the process of converting Legacy to a non-profit horse club with emphasis on veterans and children with special needs. Good for you, Niki!

The herdunnamed

Want to become our next tack giveaway winner? Enter here:

OTTB Proud: Meet Our Ambassadors

We love hearing about off-track Thoroughbreds enjoying their new careers, so of course we’re proud to welcome Camile and her OTTB Gentry into our new ambassador program! Camile met Whitehouse Ridge, aka “Gentry” after exercising him for a friend and now shows the 11-year-old in hunter/jumper and dressage.

Camile and Gentry recently got one of our quick change halter bridles to make it easier for them to switch from one part of their training day to the next.


Q: I remember you said you exercised Gentry for a friend before buying him; what was it about him that made you decide you wanted to work with him yourself?
This first time I had actually met Gentry was on a “field trip” with our 4H team. It was my first year judging and we had traveled out to my current friends place to set up a couple of classes. He was skinny, ugly looking thing that she had been giving time to recoop from his past life. At the time I had no interest in him. It wasn’t until another 2 YEARS later that I went out and visited their place again, this time helping Leeanne’s step daughter (my team captain) with grooming  the ponies. The night before I had found G’s sale ad and fell in love with his movement. (I actually didn’t even know it was the same horse.) This happened to be  the day that somebody was coming and looking at him for  their kid and Leeanne had me work him a little after they left. Fortunately for me, they didn’t like his big movement and declined the sale offer. Later that week, I received a call from her asking if I would like to work him for her, until he sold, for a limited pay. I started working him, with my parents telling me that we weren’t buying the horse, and all of us starting falling for him. He was just so sweet, with his big brown eyes and cowlick of a mane and he always seemed to know what to do even though he was  green. He was so forgiving if you messed up. Before we moved him, mom got on him and she hasn’t ridden in a while, and he took care of her by simply standing there and refusing to move. It was a funny yet kind act. That is what sold us.

Q:What’s your favorite part of Gentry’s personality?
He always tries his best, he gives his whole heart to me. Gentry is just that kind of guy that puts 110% ever time and it makes me  so happy  that I know that he will always try no matter what.

Q:What are your goals for this showing season, and what types of training challenges are you working on?
This year we are focusing on getting his confidence up in the show ring. I plan on showing him in 2ft h/s and eq o/f. Some of our challenges….oh my. Where to begin. You just never seem to be ready for shows. XD Headset is defiantly a struggle as well as keeping the true bend and relaxing  through and over the bridle.

Q:What is it about Two Horse Tack products you and Gentry love?
We love the durability and quality we get out of your products. Gentry is a bit of a mud lover, so it is always nice to have  the tack that will stand up to  his messy habits.

Q:How do you anticipate the quick change halter bridle will be helpful in your workouts?
This will help us in our workouts because I go on a lot of trail rides to build his topline and this product will help us stay clean and look good J Plus, they are malleable and soft on his face.

Follow their journey on their Instagram page,

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 12.29.58 AM

Jump inside a world from your childhood

So many horse lovers spent days at the barn and evenings curled up with a book about equine adventures. Depending on what era you grew up in, you may have had a few books in the Pony Pals series stacked by your bedside. Did you ever wish you could live in the fictional town where the stories take place?

Apparently you can.

Check out Club Pony Pals, a virtual horse world that’s fully complaint with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Club Pony Pals also does a regular newsletter, which is how we found out about them; they’ll be featuring horse archery in their April edition.

Check it out!


Ever wondered what it takes to compete in horse archery? So did we.

Two Horse Tack is proud to announce a partnership with Horse Archery USA, an organization designed to promote the sport of horse archery. In the coming weeks, we’ll offer Horse Archery’s members special deals on our tack, which we feel will be a great fit for a sport that’s rough ‘n’ tumble — just like our products.

Never heard of horse archery? Kim Butler, president of Horse Archery USA, agreed to answer a few of our questions about the sport.

How much riding experience should someone have before they try horse archery? What about archery experience?
You actually don’t need any riding or archery experience to get started!  However, it is definitely easier if you have some sort of horseback riding background.  It’s much easier to teach ARCHERY to a horseback rider, than to teach HORSEBACK RIDING to an archer or inexperienced beginner.  Horseback riding is a skill that takes more time to teach, as there are so many different factors to consider:  the unpredictability of the horse (it’s a 1,500 lb animal that has a mind of its own) the rider’s balance, safety, styles of riding, etc.  Not to downplay archery at all, but you can pretty much get the basics down in a couple of classes and build on your technique from there!

horse archeryAre certain breeds or backgrounds best for mounted archery as far as the horse you choose?
It really depends on who you talk to!  There’s always breeds that people tend to lean towards for different disciplines – such as Warmbloods and Thoroughbreds for hunter/jumper, Quarter Horses for Western pleasure or ranch work, Arabians for endurance, etc.  Many people will suggest purchasing a horse that has certain personality traits that are conducive to mounted archery, such as endurance, a level head, the ability to work off leg and voice commands/reinless riding, brave attitude (not afraid of the bow), and able to canter at a steady pace down the track or around the field several times.  However, I’m finding that people in our region (Southeastern US) are like myself, and prefer to embark on this mounted archery adventure with their OWN horse.  I personally have a Clydesdale/Gypsy Vanner cross gelding that I’ve exposed to everything from competitive trail riding, English/Western styles of riding, driving, and now mounted archery!  He’s still a bit of a chicken when it comes to new things, but he’s coming along nicely!  There’s nothing more rewarding than learning a new sport with your own equine partner.

What is the training/practice process like–do you work on your aim from the ground some of the time, or is that less helpful since you’re on a moving base when mounted?
As far as training goes, there are so many different options!  That’s one of the things that really attracted me to archery in general – you can pretty much practice anywhere, with just about ANYTHING (so long as safety is a first priority).  I, for one, practice in my back yard or pasture with hay bales, soccer balls, extra large stuffed animals… haha!  The gals up in Pennsylvania use a four-wheeler to simulate moving while hitting a target, and I’ve even seen people jumping on trampolines while practicing, running around the target, and my mentor out in Texas suggests rolling old soccer balls and shooting to simulate the moving target!  I’ve been told that “what works on the ground will not always work on the horse, but what works on horseback will usually always work on the ground.”  One of the things that I’ve had to learn is to aim lower than you really think you need to – when you’re aboard a horse, most of the targets are going to be lower to the ground than you are, where as if you’re on the ground, the targets are usually right at eye level.

How many horse archers are there in the U.S., roughly?
It’s really hard to say – if you go by the membership numbers, there’s 100-300 horse archers in the USA.  However, if you count the people that are ACTIVE in the sport, there’s probably only around 100-150.  More people are being exposed to horse archery every day though, especially now that we have certified instructors traveling to teach clinics across the country!  Horse Archery Fever is surely becoming a widespread high-adrenaline extreme sport!

How did you first get into the sport?
I actually came across this sport in an unlikely fashion: I saw a Facebook Ad (yes, all you social media marketers – Facebook Ads DO work!) for a Horseback Archery Beginner’s Clinic and thought it sounded pretty extreme… but awesome!  I didn’t even know the sport actually existed, I thought it archery on horseback was only something you saw in movies and read about in the history books. I had an absolute blast learning archery for the first time, I had never picked up a bow before and we spent 2 hours just going over the basics of archery, safety on the range, and how to alter the basics to work when actually on the horse.  I must say that I learned more about physics and arrow dynamics than I thought possible!

horse archery2
What do you like most about horse archery?
I love the partnership with my horse – and of course that THWACK! sound when you hit the target! My husband started getting involved with Cowboy Mounted Shooting and I’m not particularly a gun-loving kinda gal.  It’s loud and fast and just not my cup of tea if you know what I mean.  Archery is quiet, controlled, and I think it’s relaxing and exciting all at the same time.  I love the history of horse archery.  I feel like I’ve become part of an ancient tradition in a way – think back to the Mongols, Chengus Kahn, and our own Native Americans of the Great Plains.  It’s just awesome to be a part of something like this!  😉

Congratulations to Erin!

Congratulations to Erin, winner of our November tack giveaway for a Western breastcollar with camouflage overlay! Erin tells us she and her horse, Minute, are getting ready for a long-distance ride in 2017. Minute is an off-track Thoroughbred and the two of them ride with Erin’s daughter, who has an off-track Standardbred. Sounds like a fantastic pair!


If you’re jealous of Erin’s good luck, there’s still time to enter the December tack giveaway. This month, we’re giving one lucky entrant their very own buckle nose halter in their choice of color and size.

The buckle nose halter has the advantage of being trendy, as it’s a throwback to the European style of turnout halter, as well as safe. With buckles at the nose and the headstall, this halter allows a novice rider to put on a bridle without totally dropping the horse. Also great for green horses!

buckle nose halter

Also: You’ll get a $5 off coupon for entering our giveaway, which you may find useful in some last-minute Christmas shopping.

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The turkey has been cooked, the pumpkin pie eaten, and it’s time to get Christmas shopping.

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