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Congratulations to Heather and Fiona!

Congratulations to Heather and Fiona, who are the winners of our October tack giveaway!

Fiona is a 10-year-old pinto Spotted Draft x Arabian cross mare, and Heather is her human. Heather hails from northern Maryland and is currently a veterinary technician. Together, the two have dabbled in a variety of disciplines, from dressage to trail riding, and beyond. Heather has competed in driving, dressage, and Western disciplines.


Doesn’t she look great? Love that face!

We know they’ll love our reflective split ear Western bridle, which will be made to their size and color specifications. All our items with reflective Day-Glo overlays become especially popular this time of year as the days get shorter and more folks are riding in low light.


In the month of November, we’ll be giving away a camouflage Western breastcollar. This breastcollar will help keep your saddle in place, which is great from a safety perspective, and also gives you a great spot to hang on in the event of ‘unexpected turbulence’ during your ride. Our camo breastcollar comes in 3/4-inch width beta biothane in your choice of 14 colors with green, pink, or orange camo. It’s fully adjustable at the shoulder and belly straps to ensure a great fit.

Sound cute? Enter for your chance to win one today and you’ll get a coupon code for $5 off your next order.


Simply Dazzling!

IMG_31851955075575Congratulations to Dazzle, the winner of our most recent tack giveaway!

Dazzle is an 11-year-old blue roan Quarter Horse mare. Her human is Michelle, who enjoys western riding with Dazzle, usually out on the trail. Dazzle is a relaxed girl, the kind you can hop on in the field with just a halter and lead rope. Dazzle has been in Michelle’s family her whole life–she was bred by Michelle’s mom–and although she usually enjoys working with youngsters, Michelle says that Dazzle is her “forever” horse. Last year, Dazzle gave birth to a filly named Devi.

Dazzle and Michelle will be enjoying a western split ear bridle with bling in the color combination of their choice. A sure way to add some glitz to your ride, the stones are hand-riveted into the beta biothane for maximum hold. Our split ear Western bridle lets your horse’s grace shine through. This style shows off the shape of his head with the added security of ear splits that help keep the bridle in place. This bridle is hand-stitched throughout for added flair.IMG_31872701016736

Look for an announcement about our next tack giveawayIMG_31842586789442 coming soon!

Tie on? Tie off? Tie what? Explaining Western tie downs

Ever heard a Western rider refer to a “tie down”? It’s one of those accessory pieces that might be a little hard to identify for those of us who ride English.

Here we see a tiedown in action on a roping horse

Here we see a tiedown in action on a roping horse

Tie downs consist of a noseband and cheekpieces which fit around the ears. Clipped to the noseband is a piece of leather (or beta biothane) which connects to the girth. Tie downs limit how far back a horse can move his head, which is useful for those who might be prone to rearing or simply reaching his head back, putting the rider at risk for a broken nose.

The tie down is similar to the martingale in English riding, except that it attaches directly to the noseband without the support of a neckstrap. When adjusted appropriately, the tiedown won’t put any pressure on the horse until he raises his head above the disred level.

Ropers and barrel racers are especially fond of tie downs, since those speed events usually require the horse to stop or turn suddenly, which is more likely to result in the horse’s front end shifting up and back. Some riders also say that they feel it gives the horse something to brace against for balance.Western tie down

At our shop, we sell a tie down strap with or without the noseband cavesson. The strap has a clip for easy on and off and is available in any of our standard 12 colors, with options to include an overlay color or rhinestones. As with all beta tack, the tie down strap is waterproof and crack-proof and just needs a trip through the washer to come clean–a real plus with this piece, which is likely to encounter a lot of dirt.

It’s that time again!

Western snap-on browbandIs one of your New Year’s resolutions to save money on tack?

We’ve got you covered.

In addition to our already-low prices on leather and beta biothane tack, we’ve got a new tack giveaway! Take a look at our western bridle with snap-on browband. This is a great piece for trail riders–it has all the versatility you could want, allowing you to ride with your rope halter wound into your headstall, and lets you ride with or without a throatlatch for when you hit the arena.

Like all our tack, there is a range of color and bling options available, so this bridle is also a great option if you can’t limit yourself to just one of them.

All you have to do is fill out the entry form to be part of contest. And, even better, all the entrants in our contest get a $5 gift card. So, what are you waiting for? It’s faster than tacking up your horse! Western snap-on browband

Meet our model: Stitch

Whether you want to admit it or not, everybody has a “type.” For some, it’s tall, dark, and handsome. For others, it’s a steely fellow with a soft brown eye. And then, there are the redheads….as long as they have plenty of chrome.


Stitch is modeling our Western bridle with bling.

If you go weak at the knees over a flashy chestnut, we’ve got the horse for you. “Stitch” is a 5-year-old mare off the track who is looking for someone who’s just her type. While racing wasn’t her thing, Stitch (known on the track as Stitch’s PublicPick) is ready for a new life of pleasure or trail riding, or possibly even some light jumping. Like some of us, Stitch is a bit of a sensitive soul—she needs someone who’s quiet and gentle in the saddle and on the ground, and in return she is happy to give affection and tries hard to please.

Stitch ran her last race at Indiana Downs in September and is currently part of New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program. New Vocations retrains, rehabilitates, and rehomes Thoroughbred and Standardbred racehorses off the track. The program, which is based out of Ohio, has placed nearly 5,000 horses in qualified homes since 1992.

One of Stitch’s current career interests is becoming a model—here she’s seen modeling a western bridle with bling made of beta biothane from Two Horse Tack. This bridle is fully adjustable and comes in a range of colors and bling options. Best of all, it will hold up to even the dustiest of trail rides without cracking or fading, and can be rinsed under the hose to be good as new. Whoever adopts Stitch will receive a free $50 gift certificate to Two Horse Tack  to keep her looking good in her next career.


Love that chrome!

To learn even more about Stitch or to inquire about adoption, click here.

Favorite Flicks: Our Friend Amelia

If you’ve ever had a tough day with your horse, just remember–the pros sometimes do, too.

This outtake from a Double Dan Horsemanship demonstration at Equitana a few years back shows what happens when the horses go off-script. We love that the Dans kept a sense of humor about the whole thing…and our favorite character in this segment has got to be Amelia.