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Congratulations to Suzette and Daisy Mae!

The winner of our most recent tack giveaway looks fantastic sporting her new Western bridle. Meet Daisy Mae, a three and a half-year-old Paint mare who’s just beginning her education with owner Suzette.

“Daisy thinks she is a puppy dog,” Suzette says. “She will follow people around hoping for treats and pats. If she feels like she is not getting enough attention, she will paw at the backyard fence until the dogs go out the doggie door and bark at her.”

We’re happy to outfit Daisy Mae and Suzette for the next step of their journey together.

Our Western headstalls are simple but strong, hand-stitched and available in your choice of colors and bling options for the traditional and the bold.

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In Memory of Sampson

We’re happy to get emails from satisfied customers from time to time, but this one was bittersweet. We got these great pictures of Sampson the registered Saddlebred modeling his set of Two Horse Tack in the show ring.


Sampson and his family showed in Western gear but practiced in English from time to time. Blue was his signature color, and as you can see, it really brings out the golden color of his coat.

Sampson’s tack sparkled a little more thanks to some bling on his reins. If you’re really a glitter fanatic, you can get an entire set of tack with bling, but we also enjoy the balanced look Sampson has going here with just a little bit of shine. Our bling tack is also rugged enough to hold up to everyday use, with each rhinestone riveted into place for maximum durability.

Sadly, his people told us Sampson passed away in 2014, but we are proud we were able to help him stand out in the show ring during his time there. Our condolences go out the humans who loved him. It looks like he brought them lots of joy in their time together, which is the greatest gift of all.

Here Comes Treble (The Horse)!

We’re pleased to announce the winner of Two Horse Tack’s most recent giveaway for a Western breastcollar–congratulations to Sheila and Treble!

Treble is a 6-year-old mare who is 1/4 Paint and 3/4 Thoroughbred. Sheila describes Treble as “still green” but already enjoying her work as a trail horse. The pair have just begun exploring the trails without another horse/rider pair babysitting them, and Sheila has learned that Treble is something of a seahorse. Her favorite place to go riding is the Sand Spit at Montana de Oro State Park in Los Osos, Calif., and Treble does not appreciate being told she can’t go swimming straight into the Pacific Ocean.

“She does not realize that the number of sharks has risen dramatically or that the rip currents can be dangerous,” Sheila told us.

The pair are hoping Treble will become a Coast Mounted Assistance Patrol horse by 2016.

We’re so glad we could outfit Treble with our fully adjustable beta biothane breastcollar, which incidentally will hold up great to as much salt water as Treble can throw at it. Beta doesn’t fade or crack, and rinses clean with just a squirt of the hose–no soap or conditioner needed.

Want to become a lucky winner of free gear yourself? Check out our upcoming giveaway for an Australian/barcoo style bridle!