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What’s That? Explaining Girth Extenders

We all have them, tucked away in the bottom of our dressers–the I’m Feeling Fat Jeans. Sometimes they are called into use for a few days or weeks, and sometimes they get trotted out earlier. Well, our horses have those days, too (especially as spring grass begins to pop up) when the girth doesn’t quite reach the saddle billets. Rather than buy a whole new girth, it’s far more economical to pick up a girth extender to do the job temporarily.

girth extenderWe’ve recently added girth extenders to our shop’s inventory, and we believe they’re a great option for those who find themselves in this predicament. Our beta biothane extenders handle the sweat and dust they encounter better than leather, and also won’t stretch over time the way leather can.

Even better, the beta biothane extenders come in fun colors, from lime green to purple to light blue (we also offer black and brown for you traditionalists). Should you lend your extender to someone, you’ll find it easy to sort out whose is whose with our colorful options.

Order yours today!

What’s that? Our leadline attachments

Ever look around at your tack room and think ‘I wonder if I can use bailing twine to make that bridle do what I want it to’? We’ve probably all been there. In our case, we realized that sometimes riders using English bridles might need to lead their horses without clipping a rope or line onto the bit–especially out on the trail, or heading to or from a ride. While we love our halter bridles for this reason, we get that the need to switch back and forth is not as great for some as others. That’s why we sell a leadline attachment.

This handy little piece can convert any English bridle into a halter when needed–just thread the loop through the throatlatch of your bridle, and buckle the metal ring into the noseband. Ropes can clip onto the metal ring, just as they would on a halter, without yanking on the horse’s face.bb0cf6fcf6c885512184376693d629e5

Pretty simple, eh? And it’s affordable too. Get your own.