We can fit any horse – here’s proof!

Because our tack is made to order we’re often asked to take on tough-to-fit horses or tough-to-fit breeds. We were happy to be contacted by someone trying to fit a European Barbant. Never heard of the European Barbant?

Our neoprene padded traditional halter bridle

The European Barbant comes from the Barbant province in Belgium and according to the European Barbant Registry of America is “considered the mother breed of almost all other heavy cold-blooded breeds around the world.” The Barbant is typically 16.2-17 hh at the withers with a heavy build and is often (but not always) a roany color. They have feathers around their lower legs and have short, thick limbs and a 45-degree shoulder slope.

Our neoprene padded beta biothane tack set including halter bridle

Due to its size and heft, the European Barbant can be used for a variety of tasks, from farm and carriage work to forestry to combined driving and even dressage.

The European Barbant is a type of draft horse, so they have wide faces and often a straight or convex facial profile, but they’re not as large-framed as a full-blood Clydesdale or Shire. That can mean they’re a challenging fit, so we were happy to adapt a few pieces to fit these gorgeous models.

Our grooming halter in white beta biothane with neoprene padding

Have a horse who’s tough to fit? We can help! Drop our customer service team a line (and photos of the horse/pony/mule/donkey in question at 2horsetack at gmail dot com.

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