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This is the thought catalogue of Two Horse Tack, a custom tack shop based near Lexington, Ky. We produce handmade leather and beta biothane pieces for any rider, any horse, any discipline at an affordable price.



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  1. I have a mule and would like to know if you have ever done a side pull for a mule?

    • That’s a great question, Susan. We’ve done sidepulls for all types of equids–just use the Order Notes on the shopping cart page to tell our craftspeople that you’re ordering for a mule, and his approximate height and weight.

  2. Just wondering what options you have in a side pull bridle for a Gypsy Vanner? I would like one that is well made with reins. Thank you.

    • Hi there Renek67, We have both a straight sidepull and a two-in-one bitless bridle that converts to either a crossunder or a sidepull. I’m not sure what size your GV usually takes, but we have both Cob and Warmblood (for heavier types) in addition to a horse size. Your best bet is to choose the one you think would be closest, then add in the Order Notes your horse’s height, age, and breed. That way, our shop can adjust the size as needed. They’ve filled orders for a TON of breeds now, including GVs I believe, so they’ll know what to do. See our bitless options here: http://www.twohorsetack.com/c-10-bitless-bridles.aspx

  3. Susan Farrell

    I am wondering where my order is. Can someone contact me?

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